• Joe Schoen Holding Onto 2023 Draft Capital

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    The trade deadline has come and gone, and the Giants haven't made any deals. What does this mean for Joe Schoen and the team's future?

    The New York Giants head into their bye week at 6-2, and many thought that Joe Schoen would be a player leading into the 2022 NFL trade deadline. After all, he acquired a few extra draft picks from the Kansas City Chiefs in the Kadarius Toney trade. However, the trade deadline has come and gone with no additional deals taking place.

    We can all agree that Big Blue has done some good things. After all, operators like MGM had only projected seven total wins in 2022. Six wins have already been banked, and the team has upcoming home games against the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions. The Giants will likely be the favorite to win these games.

    It will take a complete meltdown for the OVER-7 not to hit. Given the positive start, disappointment will set in if the Giants do not achieve playoff status! Of course, there is still some meat on the bone for improvement, like the need for a true #1 wide receiver.

    With this in mind, let's take a closer look at a few reasons why the Giants did not fire any additional bullets at the trade deadline.

    GM Joe Schoen Assigning Value to Players

    From day one, Coach Brian Daboll and GM Joe Schoen have taken a methodical approach to implement a system. Both have been locked at the hip from day one in implementing this process.

    According to Schoen, “Part of my job and our personal staff is to assign value to players.” Regardless of whether it is free agency or the draft, you need to know what you will pay a player or give up to acquire a player. Leading up to the November 1 deadline, the bottom line is that Giant leadership could not get the value they were looking for in a possible trade.

    You Need Two to Tango

    During a recent Joe Schoen/New York Giants press conference, the GM called out how he has had multiple ongoing conversations. Conversations sparked with multiple teams with regard to various positions. Such conversations could be traced back to this past August. Even with value identified, you do need two to tango.

    Personally, would I have liked to see the squad add a Wide Receiver to the line-up? Yes, you lost Kadarius Toney last week and would have liked to see an addition. In looking toward a silver lining, perhaps the week off and newfound motivation gets Kenny Golladay back on the field in a productive way. This would be just as good as a trade.


    Small Player Pool

    From a trade perspective, you are looking at a very small player pool with what has to be high price tags. No team in the NFC East has a losing record. All other divisions are fairly tight. All it takes is for one team to outbid you, and a deal is lost.

    At the end of the day, few players are available for trade. The Giants holding onto the new draft capital acquired is a good thing. Now go out and simply sign OBJ!

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