• Joe Schoen Recruited 42 Screens for the NFL Draft

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    Technology is constantly moving forward, and the Giants don’t want to be left in the past.

    The NY Giants Quest Diagnostics Training Center now rivals the fictional spacecraft USS Enterprise. Take a look at the technology the team implemented for GM Joe Schoen as he navigated through the 2023 NFL Draft. All of a sudden, a once-traditional franchise is now at the digital forefront.

    Will this swing the 1xbet futures lines? Probably not, but when it comes to the topic of a “Man Cave,” the New York Giants have taken it to another level. The front office, as has the IT Networking infrastructure team, has been very busy!

    The 1,200-square-foot space on the second floor of the two-story Quest Diagnostics Training Center does not have any windows. The Operations department needed every nook and cranny to fit 42 screens across three walls.

    Each screen had been strategically placed and with a purpose. At any time, any one of those screens would be capable of pulling up vital information. As a result, any detail imaginable with the touch of a finger.

    NY Giants And Their Overhauled Draft Room

    The team has come a very long way from just over a year ago. All in all, Joe Schoen carried around magnets that he placed on various draft boards last year. Player magnets were used in navigating the scenario of the hour. These tools are no longer needed and are officially an “older” way of doing things. Screens galore at the renovated second floor of the team’s training facility.

    Joe Schoen Thoughts

    The thought on changing the draft room and revamping the way we did things in here was just trying to evolve with technology and modernize the football operation the best we could. We went away from the manual process of printing out magnets, putting labels on magnets, manually moving them up and down the board.

    Any time we would move a player we’d have to type it into a computer. So we tried to digitize the room the best we could, not just from our scouting grades, coaches’ grades, but [also] analytics, medical, security.

    We developed a scouting system that can truly be utilized throughout the entire football operation. We’ve been much more efficient this year through our meetings, and the technology has been a big part of that.

    – Joe Schoen (New York Giants General Manager – Quest Diagnostics Training Center)

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