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    Last Year's MVP Cornerback Playoff Championship Week Streamer

    Welcome to my newest in season article series, Johny The Greeks Cornerbacks Corner. Clearly I put a ton of thought into the name. Cornerbacks in general take a lot of crap in the IDP world, most people hate playing with them. Not this guy though, I absolutely love streaming corners. If you do it and do it well it can become something that makes the difference in your matchups every week and gives you a distinct advantage over someone who is either not doing this or just takes a flashy name like "Richard Sherman (CB)" and starts him all 16 games even when he ends up playing a team like the Seahawks who ran the ball efficiently last season and were fourth overall in offensive time of possession. Sherman had a total of ten combined tackles and one pass defended between the two matchups against them last season, he was a poor streaming choice against that kind of offense. In contrast when Sherman played against a well known pass happy team like the Bucs last season he put up three combined tackles, two passes defended, one interception and one touchdown in just that one matchup. Now THAT was an ideal matchup and if you had streamed him against the Bucs you would've destroyed your opponent with that stat line.

    By identifying the ideal matchups to stream corners you can increase your overall chances of each corner having a monster game each week and end up producing far more fantasy points over the course of the season from your corner slots when compared to the traditional "pick a guy everyone's heard of and leave him in that slot all season". Check out Darius Slay (CB) 2019 stats and tell me how that worked out for you. With corner you need to put yourself in the best position possible every week and by doing this you will produce a tremendous amount of fantasy points from this (often ignored) position on your IDP defense. Corner then goes from being an afterthought to something you pay attention to and plan out weekly. I always have both my corner slots locked and loaded with guys in absolutely ideal matchups against offenses that will throw early and often. Both of my corners will be guys that play 100% of snaps and by ensuring maximum playing time and an ideal match-up I'm light years ahead of my opponents "strategy" nine times out of ten.

    There are a minimum of three starting corners on each team plus guys that play safety and are listed as corners, what we call a "Cheat Code" in IDP Twitter. That makes for a crapload of available players every week, finding options to stream from is usually never a problem. If my bench is big enough I'll carry four corners even, the two I've got locked in this week with their full 100% playing time and excellent matchup plus another two that fit that definition for the week after. By looking a week ahead on the waiver wire I'm also usually beating out anyone else who is streaming corner but hasn't looked past this current week. The idea behind this article is to identify the matchups that are most likely to produce significant production for each teams cornerbacks corps and also to keep tabs on the guys who are playing every snap every game plus to continuously identify those "hidden safeties" that are such a huge advantage in leagues on platforms like MFL and Yahoo that are traditionally weeks behind the uptake on things like knowing Julian Love (CB) was really playing strong safety for the Giants last season, a position that is traditionally far more consistent and reliable for production than corner is.

    Together we will monitor everything. Which offenses are throwing a lot and are good at it (we want the corners playing against these teams every week), which offenses are run first or have horrible quarterback play (we avoid these matchups), which corners are getting all the snaps and are being targeted (we want these guys) and which corners are playing all the snaps and are being avoided like the plague because they're really freaking good (Revis was an amazing cornerback, he was bad for IDP because no one ever threw at him). We'll find those hidden safeties being designated as corners by lazy fantasy platforms that are slow on the uptake and then we'll plug them into our corner slots and have a massive advantage by playing an extra safety disguised as a corner. We'll keep a running stream of consciousness all season and we'll absolutely destroy our opponents in those individual matchups at cornerback every week.

    These streaming cornerback start or sit recommendations were part of my usual Saturday morning start or sit article the last two years but now due to popular demand in my DMs and because we'll make another thirty-five cents in ad revenue by making this an extra article it will be a completely separate article dropping Friday mornings all season long. Honestly I'm not a fan of the regular old IDP start or sit I've been doing for a few years now, this is where my heart is at. My favorite conversations the last couple seasons were with guys like Fantasy Ray and a few others where we just talked about corner options for streaming each week. There were some misses for sure, but man the hits were so beautiful. The Bradley Roby (CB) call in championship week last season was the sweetest thing in a long time, four solo tackles, two passes defended, one interception and a house call for twenty six points in my home league and all my guys made the same move. We all destroyed with just that one streaming move, and literally no one was using Bradley Roby (CB) as a plug in and forget corner last season, that was a move that was made on purpose and a pure cornerback stream. Better than sex.

    Disclaimer Time! I'm not going to get all of these correct. Cornerback especially is a wildly inconsistent position for production in IDP fantasy football. That's why most people hate it with a passion. My whole thing is to put yourself in the best position to succeed by looking at all the variables and making the absolute best streaming call possible. After that you pray. Your team is your responsibility and yours alone, you set the lineup not me. Take ownership if things go south, these are only suggestions. I've been playing with corners for over a decade now and have been pretty successful with them that entire time, I've been playing IDP for seventeen years total. I will do my absolute best to make sure that these recommendations are the best possible and will base these on factual information and statistics from places like NFLGsis.com, PFF and other fantasy and NFL data and statistics sites. I will also use the force, sometimes a gut feeling is all I have to go on in an unknown situation but if it comes down to that just know this isn't my first rodeo. 

    I don't work for the NFL, I don't get to sit in on defensive team meetings for all thirty-two teams, I don't get inside information. If a player has looked solid all season and has been playing a ton of snaps and they get yanked right before a game obviously I had nothing to do with it and since I don't work for said team no one told me. (See Vernon Hargreaves 2019). If someone goes down with an ACL it's not because I made a voodoo doll of them and stuck it with pins. These decisions are the same ones I'm making for my teams so if things go bad for you they go bad for me as well. I'm just here to help, don't kill the messenger.

    Article Key:

    Outlook: This will be a brief overview of the two offenses and how that will effect the outlook for each teams cornerbacks corps. We'll look at offensive ranks, expected gamescripts and how the game should go. This will help us identify if this is a matchup we want to target for streaming corners or not.

    Ideal Matchup: This is the best possible matchup for this teams cornerbacks, streaming any corners from this team, especially guys that are talented and play all the snaps gives you the best chances at excellent production from those corners.

    Solid Matchup: This isn't a perfect matchup to stream corner but it's still pretty good, if you're in a deeper league and have fewer options to stream from this matchup is still a better option than most.

    Avoid: This matchup will likely be terrible to stream corner from, due to anything from a god awful opposing quarterback who can't complete passes to a banged up wide receiver corps or even a run first offense like the 2019 Ravens were (they didn't pass all that often because frankly they didn't need to, their run game was ridiculous) there's something that makes this a bad matchup to stream corners from, avoid if possible. However there may be specific corners who get a "solid" in an otherwise "avoid" matchup simply due to their talent and ability to make plays in all aspects of the defense (see Patrick Peterson (CB)).

    ***Week one is always a crap shoot, especially this season with no pre season, we have less information than usual to make these week one decisions. If it all goes to crap hang in there, we'll get back on track. Week two onwards we'll have snap counts, defined roles and a better idea of how each offense will perform and how that will effect opposing corners***

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    Jets @ Bills

    Outlook: Both of these games last season were lower scoring affairs, both teams aren't known for their passing prowess. The Bills have seemingly improved in that department with the acquisition of Stefon Diggs (WR) but I still don't trust Josh Allen (QB) to be able to sling it effectively enough for this to be a great streaming matchup for the Jets corners. On the other side the Jets wide receivers corps is banged up beyond belief and the Bills defense is really good, I don't expect Sam Darnold (QB) to light up the box score for thirty completions for three hundred yards and a bunch of passing touchdowns. This will be a grind it out and play defense game like it usually is, it's an "avoid" in my book. However Tre'Davious White (CB) is certainly talented enough and will play all the snaps so if you decided to start him I wouldn't be opposed to it, he's good enough to make plays in run stopping as well etc.

    New York Jets:

    Pierre Desir (CB) Avoid

    Austin Blessuan (CB) Avoid

    Brian Poole (CB) or Quincy Wilson (CB) Avoid

    Buffalo Bills:

    Tre'Davious White (CB) Solid

    Levi Wallace (CB) Avoid

    Taron Johnson (CB) Avoid

    Josh Norman (CB) Avoid

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    Packers @ Vikings

    Outlook: Both of these games last season featured a lot of ground and pound action with less emphasis on passing, however there should be enough aerial fireworks for this to be at least a "solid" matchup for a couple guys. Two veteran quarterbacks, each with a wide receiver one in fantasy terms with decent secondary options in the passing game should make this a decent matchup to stream corner at. On the Green Bay side of things the talent and past production from Kevin King (CB) and Jaire Alexander (CB) is almost enough for me to call them "Ideal" but I'm not going that far, still not the worst matchup by any means to stream corner from. In regards to Minnesota the CB corps looks completely different from last year so I'll need to see exact roles and playing time before making any recommendations with them going forward so no green lights this week.

    Green Bay Packers:

    Kevin King (CB) Solid

    Jaire Alexander (CB) Solid

    Josh Jackson (CB) Avoid

    Chandon Sullivan (CB) Avoid

    Minnesota Vikings:

    Mike Hughes (CB) Avoid

    Holton Hill (CB) Avoid

    Jeff Gladney (CB) Avoid

    Cameron Dantzler (CB) Avoid

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    Eagles @ Football Team

    Outlook: A couple weeks ago this looked like a slam dunk for streaming Washington corners against a new look Eagles passing attack featuring Jalen Reagor (WR) and a bunch of guys made of glass plus two excellent tight ends, now though it doesn't look so hot. Washington went out and got Kendall Fuller (CB) who has always been productive when he plays so he's "solid" but besides that I'm not into it, the linebackers and safeties will get work covering the excellent tight end duo but the corners not so much. On the other side I'm not sold on Dwayne Haskins (QB) being able to complete passes to anyone not named Terry McLaurin (WR) so this is a mostly "avoid" for Philly unless it's Darius Slay (CB), who will likely be responsible for covering McLaurin for a decent part of this game and is talented enough to get production in run stopping as well.

    Philadelphia Eagles:

    Darius Slay (CB) Solid

    Avonte Maddox (CB) Avoid

    Nickell Robey Coleman (CB) Avoid

    Football Team:

    Fabian Moreau (CB) Avoid

    Kendall Fuller (CB) Solid

    Jimmy Moreland (CB) Avoid

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    Browns @ Ravens

    Outlooks: This game has blowout written all over it, the already excellent Ravens went out and improved their already terrifying defense this offseason with guys like Calais Campbell (DE) and Patrick Queen (LB) while on offense they added another ridiculous talent at running back with JK Dobbins (RB). These Ravens owned time of possession last season by a wide margin and usually ran so effectively every week that they rarely needed to pass, I don't see that changing now, especially against a Browns defense that lost Joe Schobert (LB), Christian Kirksey (LB) and never got to see what Grant Delpit (S) was capable of. Their already mediocre defense got worse and the Ravens got better everywhere. The Ravens will get out in front and run the clock away the entire second half of this game, Baker Mayfield (QB) will be throwing early and often to try and catch up so this is a perfect matchup for Ravens corners and less than ideal for Browns corners. Don't get me wrong, Denzel Ward (CB) and Greedy Williams (CB) are awesome IDP corners and we'll be streaming them a whole bunch this season, just not this week. Peters and Humphrey are locked and loaded, the two other corners on the Ravens I've never seen their snap counts so we'll know more week two, avoid for now.

    Cleveland Browns:

    Denzel Ward (CB) Avoid

    Greedy Williams (CB) Avoid

    Kevin Johnson (CB) Avoid

    Terrance Mitchell (CB) Avoid

    Baltimore Ravens:

    Marcus Peters (CB) Ideal

    Marlon Humphrey (CB) Ideal

    Jimmy Smith (CB) Avoid

    Tavon Young (CB) Avoid

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    Colts @ Jaguars

    Outlook: The Jaguars are in mid season "tank for everyone" form and are trading everything but the kitchen sink, they're going to stink all season. They do have a couple studs on defense with Joe Schobert (LB) and Josh Allen (DE) but it's not going to be nearly enough, old laser face Rivers and newly added Jonathan Taylor (RB) are going to use that ridiculous offensive line and cram it down the Jags throats all day long. Jacksonville will likely have to throw to stay in this one, so that's good for the Colts corners and on the other side Rivers has never been afraid to air it out either so we should see a "solid" or two for Jacksonville as well. The only thing holding me back from green-lighting more Jags corners is a lack of information, we'll know more about roles and playing time week two.

    Indianapolis Colts

    Kenny Moore (CB) Ideal

    Rock Ya Sin (CB) Ideal

    Xavier Rhodes (CB) Solid

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Tre Herndon (CB) Solid

    CJ Henderson (CB) Avoid

    DJ Hayden (CB) Avoid

    Chris Claybrooks (CB) Avoid

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    Raiders @ Panthers

    Outlook: Honestly I really like this matchup, neither defense is dominant enough that I'm predicting a blowout either way, but also neither quarterback is good enough to really light up the scoreboard, this feels like a few "solids" when we factor in some of the talented corners we have here. Just in general I love this matchup for IDP week one, two excellent running backs, two quarterbacks that don't really bomb it out there although we may get a Henry Ruggs (WR) bomb if the planets align. This should be a back and forth affair that stays close all the way, lots of offensive plays run overall which is always good for IDP. I would green light more Panthers corners but I only know Donte Jackson (CB) from last season so there's not enough information yet for me to feel comfortable doing that this week.

    Las Vegas Raiders:

    Trayvon Mullen (CB) Solid

    LaMarcus Joyner (CB) Solid

    Damon Arnette (CB) Avoid

    Carolina Panthers:

    Donte Jackson (CB) Solid

    Troy Pride (CB) Avoid

    Rasul Douglas (CB) Avoid (Ask @wildspicy about this guy lmaooo)

    Corn Elder (CB) Avoid

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    Bears @ Lions

    Outlook: I keep thinking this is going to be a low scoring stinker but then I remember that A, this is a division game, the Bears excellent defense isn't going to shock these Lions they see it twice a year every year, and B, Matt Stafford (QB) is healthy at this exact moment in time, while that's a thing we can expect Matt Stafford (QB) things. On the other side the Lions defense is absolutely steaming hot garbage, even Mitch Trubisky (QB) should be able to score on this defense. This should be a close game and while I wouldn't be as bold as to call it a likely "shootout" I wouldn't be surprised if there was more passing then we would think at first glance. The only limiting factors here are the Lions habit of trying to hide everything about their defense, a bad habit that Matt Patricia picked up from his New England days and the fact that besides Kyle Fuller (CB) I don't really know much about the other corners involved here in regards to the Bears. There is definitely an opportunity for solid corner streaming here I just don't know who any of these guys are so I'm not personally green lighting anyone except Kyle Fuller (CB) who is always a top ten IDP corner season after season. This matchup has potential but our lack of information makes is risky to recommend anyone besides the always consistent and reliable Kyle Fuller (CB).

    Chicago Bears:

    Kyle Fuller (CB) Ideal

    Jaylon Johnson (CB) Avoid

    Buster Skrine (CB) Avoid

    Duke Shelley (CB) Avoid

    Detroit Lions:

    Justin Coleman (CB) Avoid

    Desmond Trufant (CB) Avoid

    Darryl Roberts (CB) Avoid

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    Seahawks @ Falcons

    Outlook: This is tied with Cowboys-Rams and Bucs-Saints for my favorite week one matchups to stream corner from. This has all the makings of a shootout of epic proportions. Excellent quarterbacks and weapons on both sides, IDP relevant corners aplenty. This the way.

    Seattle Seahawks:

    Tre Flowers (CB) Ideal

    Shaq Griffin (CB) Ideal

    Quinton Dunbar (CB) Solid

    Quandre Diggs (S/CB) Could be a hidden safety, if he's listed as a corner I would call it "solid".

    Atlanta Falcons:

    Isaiah Oliver (CB) Ideal

    AJ Terrel (CB) Avoid

    Darqueze Dennard (CB) Solid

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    Dolphins @ Patriots

    Outlook: I know Fitzmagic stunned the Pats last season and Miami has a habit of doing that but let's not out think the room here, the Dolphins are going to come into Foxborough and leave with looser butts afterwards. The Patriots should dominate in all phases of the game and Fitzmagic will likely have to throw a lot to stay in this game. As much as everyone wants to see Cam Newton (QB) air it out this week I think the Pats dominate on the ground and win a lower scoring game, I'm not personally targeting any Dolphins corners to stream from in this game, and for the Patriots anyone not named Stephon Gilmore (CB) I would consider unreliable for any number of reasons, the Patriots IDP is always a giant headache for a multitude of reasons I've laid out in literally dozens of articles in the past, go read one of those I'm not typing it all out again. Byron Jones (CB) and Xavien Howard (CB) are both talented enough and will play enough that they're "solid" in my book even with this less than ideal matchup.

    Miami Dolphins:

    Xavien Howard (CB) Solid

    Byron Jones (CB) Solid

    Jamal Perry (CB) Avoid

    Noah Igbinoghene (CB) Avoid

    New England Patriots:

    Stephon Gilmore (CB) Ideal

    Jason McCourty (CB) Solid (It could go south on you though, solid on paper, Belichick could have him kicking or punting or something ridiculous like that, that's an exaggeration but you get the idea, seriously the Patriots IDP almost never have the same role, playing time or production two weeks in a row, they are massively inconsistent and unreliable as a unit)

    Jonathan Jones (CB) Avoid

    JC Jackson (CB) Avoid

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    Chargers @ Bengals

    Outlook: This game is a mystery to me, while I think it will be a low scoring affair with Tyrod 16.5 completions per game Taylor (QB) and a rookie who will be getting Joey Bosa (DE) and Melvin Ingram (DE) as his initial "welcome to the NFL", it's also entirely possible that a ton of points get scored when you have guys like Keenan Allen (WR), Austin Ekeler (RB), Joe Mixon (RB) and AJ Green (WR) on the field. Still, I'm betting it's option number one. This looks like there could be a "solid" sprinkled in here but mostly I'm avoiding this matchup. Not enough fireworks to be something I'm targeting.

    Los Angeles Chargers:

    Chris Harris (CB) Avoid

    Casey Hayward (CB) Avoid

    Michael Davis (CB) Avoid

    Desmond King (S/CB) Solid (He may end up playing some safety while listed as a corner and also if your league gets return yards he's been known to do that from time to time as well.

    Cincinnati Bengals:

    Darius Phillips (CB) Avoid

    Mackensie Alexander (CB) Avoid

    William Jackson (CB) Avoid

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    Cardinals @ 49ers

    Outlook: At first glance you might see a 49ers team hungry after a close super bowl loss aiming to dismantle a division opponent that didn't win many games last season. You would need glasses. Super bowl hangover, it's a real thing. Also one team got exponentially better, Deandre Hopkins (WR), Isiah Simmons (LB), DeVondre Campbell (LB) and Jordan Phillips (DT) all were added this offseason, two of those guys are coming off career seasons and oh yeah Chandler Jones (EDGE) had nineteen sacks last year, only half a sack away from the league lead. Kyler Murray (QB) got another offseason to develop and the Cardinals found their run game again towards the end of last season. They are much better on both sides of the ball whereas the 49ers let DeForest Buckner (DT) walk, are banged up at wide receiver and their best linebacker is out with the 'Rona. This game will be close, there will be scoring, passing and points. I like this matchup just a little less than those three I mentioned earlier as my week one favorites to stream from. The only thing holding me back from making the Cardinals corners "ideal" is the 49ers habit of not throwing all that often and not having any real targets besides an over hyped tight end and a rookie that's never caught an NFL pass. I could be dead wrong on this, the 49ers could just run it down their throats and totally baffle the Cardinals offense, if that's the case this will all be way wrong. I don't think I will be though.

    Arizona Cardinals:

    Patrick Peterson (CB) Solid

    Dre Kirkpatrick (CB) Solid

    Byron Murphy (CB) Solid

    San Francisco 49ers:

    Richard Sherman (CB) Ideal

    Emmanuel Moseley (CB) Solid

    K'Waun Williams (CB) Avoid

    Akhello Witherspoon (CB) Avoid

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    Bucs @ Saints

    Outlook: This is the one everyone wants to see this week, it should be a good one. Plenty of scoring, plenty of passing, plenty of offensive weapons and fireworks. This is an ideal matchup for most corners, end of story. The Bucs corners feature a couple unknowns so I'm not green lighting them, everyone else has a great shot at awesome production with this matchup. Same story on the Saints.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

    Carlton Davis (CB) Ideal

    Sean Murphy Bunting (CB) Solid

    Jamel Dean (CB) Avoid

    Ryan Smith (CB) Avoid

    New Orleans Saints:

    Marshon Lattimore (CB) Ideal

    Janoris Jenkins (CB) Ideal

    PJ Williams (CB) Avoid

    Patrick Robinson (CB) Avoid

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    Cowboys @ Rams

    Outlook: This is another excellent matchup this week, should be plenty of offense on both sides and there are some well known IDP corners on each team that should be locks for solid production. Anyone who is an unknown however I won't be green lighting even with this perfect matchup, there's always a chance they don't see 100% of snaps and it's so easy to find corners that play every snap. I'd much rather grab a guy like Tre'Davious White (CB) in a less ideal matchup who will play every snap and roll the dice with him over a guy in a great matchup I've never heard of before who may not get as much playing time, you can't score IDP points from the bench. That will all change week two once I've seen the roles and snap counts but for week one I'm not trusting randoms.

    Dallas Cowboys:

    Chidobe Awuzie (CB) Ideal

    Trevon Diggs (CB) Solid

    Jourdan Lewis (CB) Solid

    Anthony Brown (CB) Avoid (I know him I just think there are too many chefs in the kitchen and I think he'll be the odd man out)

    Los Angeles Rams:

    Jalen Ramsey (CB) Ideal

    Troy Hill (CB) Solid

    David Long (CB) Avoid

    Darious Williams (CB) Avoid

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    Steelers @ Giants

    Outlook: If Big Ben can stay healthy for the duration of this game me and most of the planet thinks they will blow the Giants away easily, their defense is incredible and that offense is exponentially better with Big Ben there. The Giants will likely have to pass early and often to try and keep up with them making this a nice matchup for Steelers corners and a less nice matchup for Giants corners, however the Giants have a couple really talented guys that I would strongly consider playing anyways despite the less than ideal matchup.

    Pittsburgh Steelers:

    Mike Hilton (CB) Solid

    Joe Haden (CB) Ideal

    Steven Nelson (CB) Avoid

    New York Giants:

    James Bradberry (CB) Solid

    Logan Ryan (CB) Solid (Ryan could also play some safety while listed as a corner, this is always good)

    Corey Ballentine (CB) Avoid

    Darnay Holmes (CB) Avoid

    Isaac Yiadom (CB) Avoid

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    Titans @ Broncos

    Outlook: This game could be stinker of run and play defense and a low scoring affair but I don't think that will be the case, the Broncos offense has a million shiny new pieces and should be able to score on this Titans defense even with the addition of Clowney. On the other side of things this Broncos defense just lost Todd Davis (LB), their best linebacker. Von Miller (EDGE) is another year older and is banged up, also Bradley Chubb (EDGE) is coming off a horrendous injury last year. There should be points scored here and both quarterbacks should be able to complete passes which is what we want. I think we'll see a few "solids" in this matchup. Also there is a well known theory in IDP Twitter that Adoree Jackson (CB) steps into the role that Logan Ryan (CB) had last season that was ridiculously productive, I've factored that in as well. I would green light more Broncos corners here but the fact I don't know any of them besides Bouye at the moment and haven't seen any snap counts or their specific roles yet plus Derrick Henry (RB) could just dominate that sub par defensive line and linebackers corps resulting in the Titans not needing to pass all that much this week.

    Tennessee Titans:

    Adoree Jackson (CB) Ideal

    Malcolm Butler (CB) Solid

    Jonathan Joseph (CB) Avoid

    Kristian Fulton (CB) Avoid

    Denver Broncos:

    AJ Bouye (CB) Solid

    Bryce Callahan (CB) Avoid

    Davontae Harris (CB) Avoid

    Michael Ojemudia (CB) Avoid

    Please remember to check inactives before submitting your final lineups Thursday night, Sunday at 11am Eastern and 330pm Eastern Time, prior to Sunday night football and Monday night. Players can and will suddenly become inactive after looking "good to go" all week (See "Robert Woods 2019"). That's on you to keep an eye on. Also this article was published days before the season and I have zero intention of updating it a hundred times with injuries and inactives prior to kickoff. That stuff is on you, figure it out, or don't, it's not my lineup.

    These are only suggestions, your lineup is ultimately your responsibility and yours alone. Good luck this week and all season, go get that hardware and cash.

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    Johny The Greek

    Non-delusional Cowboys Fan. Been playing Fantasy since 2003, IDP since 2004 and watching football for 35 years. Being a firm believer in "you should know if the person you're taking advice from actually knows or wins anything" I'd like to present exhibit A: I have a diamond rating in Yahoo (976) with 29 plus titles in redraft/dynasty across Yahoo, Sleeper, Fantrax and MFL and an additional 57 plus 2nd/3rd place in redraft/dynasty, same platforms. I also play in and have won several all-IDP leagues. I started playing FanDuel with a free entry and have won almost a grand since. I've also won many leagues on the draft app (RIP Draft App, we miss you) and play the maximum number of free college fantasy leagues on Yahoo every year as well with 3 titles and 9 trophies in just two years of playing before Yahoo discontinued those leagues. My profile includes multiple titles in survivor and pick em leagues as well. I was a finalist in the 2021/22 IDP Guys Invitational and the best ball tournament. Also a MFL & Sleeper best ball & eliminator degenerate with many titles there as well. I just started playing All-22 this season and I would bet the mortgage I'll be good at that too. (Update, I did fine, 9-5 first season and made playoffs). What does all that mean? Nothing except when I do something I tend to overdo it. I have been at this for a long time though so I'll help you with your IDP roster and questions however I can whenever I can. I write a weekly streaming IDP corners article (Johny The Greek's Cornerbacks Corner) and whatever I feel like in the offseason. You can find me @OrangeMan3142 on Twitter. Feel free to reach out for any questions or just to talk some football. Check out my articles on Friday mornings all season long. And new this season and going forward stick around for "Johny The Greek's Free Real Estate" where I interview the best and brightest from FF Twitter, and by that I mean the interesting people who actually help you win and not the useless engagement farmers. I am not an "analyst" I'm just a crazy person/degenerate who has been doing this a long time, has been pretty good at it and is dialed in because I have to be to not sound like an idiot writing all these articles and doing all these shows. My style is straightforward & conversational, IDP isn't complicated and you're not trying to win an argument on Twitter you're trying to win your league. Come join me weekly in season for Johny the Greek's Cornerbacks Corner, where we look at the fine art that is streaming corners or finding ways to maximize your production from your CB slots each week. Also in season check out the IDP Pros Podcast on SGPN network. I hope you enjoyed the article. Let us praise our Messiah Babu Frik and give worship to Baby Yoda. Jimmy G would make a fine husband. Thanks for reading. -Johny the Greek-
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