Johny the Greek’s “The IDP (Audio) Monster” for Week Eleven (11)

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Chris Jones was parting Dak Prescott's butt cheeks like Moses parted the Red Sea

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Welcome to "The Monster", now in audio format! This week we'll be doing what we do every week, looking at everything that matters with every single IDP relevant player on every single defense, every week all season, and never behind a paywall. Now available before waivers run.

We'll look at playing time, production, injuries and waivers because of them, changes in role or demotion (Daniel Sorensen, Jaylon Smith, etc) and we'll follow the ebbs and flows of the season in an effort to make sure you have the best IDP producers starting for your defense every week and don't miss any crucial information.

If things didn’t go how we thought they would we’ll try and figure out why that was, if someone we’ve never heard of went off for a massive week we’ll find out if they’re worth picking up on waivers or if they’re just barely playing and just lucked into a sack or splash play and it likely won’t happen again any time soon. We’ll follow up on weird or iffy situations with information from beat writers and whatever else I can find to connect the dots.

We'll also use information from sources such as PFF, NFLGSIS, Pro Football Reference, and from other smart people in the IDP community as well. If I can't get the answer I'll go find it. This is the one place you can come every single week and learn everything you could possibly need to know in regards to all things FFIDP and by the end of the audio, you'll know what you need to in order to make the best decisions for the upcoming matchups.

Between this article & audio, @Mike_Woellert and his three-down linebacker article, listening to The IDP Show podcast and the various information published weekly from our site ( and other excellent FFIDP sources out there (Gary Davenport, Gary Van Dyke, Justin Varnes, Jon Macri, The IDP Show, 4 for 4 IDP, etc) you should be completely locked in for your individual defensive players across the board.

If you're short on time though my mission with this content is to get "all of it in one place" so this is a good start. Remember the "why" is just as important as "what" so with all that in mind let's get into it.

The Week 11 Questions

We kicked off week eleven Thursday night with what is quickly becoming a tradition in the modern NFL, the Patriots destroying the Falcons on a national stage with a late total collapse from a Falcons team that had held their own for the majority of the game until that point. Everyone will be clamoring for a Kyle Van Noy (LB) share after this week and I'll tell you why that's not a great idea.

We'll also look at what's up with Deion Jones (LB) recently and give the rest of both of these defenses a good once over. Will the Patriots ever give Kyle Dugger (S) enough playing time to allow him to become a true safety one? More to be revealed and we'll see if this week gave us any answers.

Next, we'll head to Buffalo to get thrown through a table for the Bills and Colts. Was Darius Leonard (LB) able to play this week? How did Kwity Paye (DE) look in his second game back from injury and for the Bills was Tremaine Edmunds (LB) able to go and if not was it AJ Klein (LB) again as is tradition? Both of these defenses are pretty set in stone but we'll see what there is to see here.

From there it's to the windy city for the Bears and Ravens. With Khalil Mack (EDGE) headed to IR and done for the season did this open up an opportunity for a new EDGE prospect for us? And with Eddie Jackson (S), also known as skid marks, out again this week was it another week of Deandre Houston Carson (S), or did we get a different waiver wire safety? As for the Ravens, it was a quiet week for Josh Bynes (LB), we'll see if he played enough and it was just a blip on the radar or the beginning of something more troubling. We were also without Anthony Averett (CB) this week so we'll check on that injury and see if it's something to be worried about long-term or just a minor inconvenience in a matchup we weren't going to stream from anyways.

In Cleveland this week it was the Browns and Lions. We'll check in on the always relevant Jeremiah Owusu Koramoah (LB) or Anthony Walker (LB) question and then spend as little time as humanly possible looking at the Lions situation since it's one of those maddening defenses that we should have as few IDP options from as possible. We'll see what there is to see with both of these teams though.

In the music city, it was the Titans and Texans. We got another upset with Houston stunning their division rival. For the Texans we've had Christian Kirksey (LB) on IR for a minute now, is it Neville Hewitt (LB) time yet or was it still Kamu Grugier Hill (LB) and the corpse of Zach Cunningham (LB) this week? There was also an Eric Murray (S) sighting so we'll confirm that and check on the cornerback corps as well which has been fluctuating all season long. For the Titans without David Long (LB) and Rashaan Evans (LB) was it Jayon Brown (LB) and Monty Rice (LB) as is tradition? Was Jeffery Simmons (DT) able to give us a third monster game in a row? We shall see.

After that, it's on to Minnesota for the Vikings and Packers. For the Vikings, we had the return of Patrick Peterson (CB) from IR so we'll absolutely check in on that as well as Anthony Barr (OLB) and see if he's awoken from his slumber yet. Also, we got Harrison Smith (S) back from Covid IR so we'll make sure he did Harrison Smith (S) things and played Harrison Smith (S) playing time. As for the Packers, there was a Darnell Savage (S) sighting but that can't be true, he was just a name that was whispered quietly on preseason IDP podcasts and hasn't been a real option yet, did that change this week? Also with Rashan Gary (OLB) inactive this week was there any movement in the pass rush setup, especially now that Whitney Mercilus (OLB) is done for the season as well? Many moving parts here this week.

In the Big Apple, it was the Jets and Dolphins. For the Jets the rumor on the street is that Jarrad Davis (LB) is a Cylon and president Roslin had him shoved into an airlock and blown out into space, the new administration apparently is back in favor of Quincy Williams (LB), after we've all sent him back to waivers of course. Also, there was an apparent CJ Mosley (LB) injury so we'll absolutely follow up on that as well as who played the other starting safety role this week after Jarrod Wilson (S) was declared a late inactive. For the Dolphins we'll check in on the usual suspects, Jevon Holland (S), Jaelan Phillips (DE), and company, and see what there is to see because that's what we do here.

Down in Philly, it was the Saints and Eagles. For the Saints, it was a down day for fan-favorite Demario Davis (LB) so we'll check on his playing time and see what there is to see in regards to that as well as check in on the always fun Kwon Alexander (LB) or Pete Werner (LB) discussion. For the Eagles, all signs were pointing towards a monster finish to the season from T.J. Edwards (LB) and sweet Jesus Christ did we get it this week, his ridiculous performance could only be tarnished by us discovering his playing time more resembles Alex Singleton's (LB) from the start of the season so we'll check on that and pray it remained up in the '90s like the last couple few weeks. Beyond that we'll give everything a once over, we'll really glove up and reach in there and find what there is to find.

In Carolina this week it was the Panthers and Football Team. For Carolina, we'll check in on the usual headache, Shaq Thompson (LB) or Jermaine Carter (LB), and see how Brian Burns (DE) did in his second game since Mac Jones (QB) tried to snap his ankle. For the Football Team, we'll have a look at their shell of a pass rush now that both Chase Young (DE) and Montez Sweat (DE) are on IR and we'll look at both IDP relevant safeties and the Jamin Davis (LB) playing time also. Just following tradition with this one, not a ton to see but we'll find what there is to find.

Down in Jacksonville, we got the Jaguars and 49ers. For the Jaguars I saw there was an Andre Cisco (S) sighting so we'll check on that playing time no doubt as well as investigate the donut from Duwuane Smoot (DE) we surprisingly got here. For the Niners, it was another, and probably the last, week without Dre Greenlaw (LB) so we'll check on that and see how the safety situation shook out with the news that both of their early-season starters are available once again. So we've got a couple of things to check out in this one for sure.

Up in the death star, we got the Raiders and Bengals. For the Raiders most things are set in stone but cornerback Nate Hobbs (CB) has been turning some heads in IDP land recently so we'll check on his playing time and production. As for the Bengals same deal, pretty set in stone but we'll check everything over and see what there is to see.

Over in Kansas City, we got the Chiefs and Cowboys in what many considered the game of the week. It was not. For the Chiefs, we got a late injury to Tyrann Mathieu (S) but he was still able to play, did it impact his playing time or production? And as is the tradition we'll check on the linebacker shenanigans that are always constant in Kansas City. For the Cowboys was Micah Parsons (LB) able to give us a nice combined tackle floor despite likely being asked to do some pass rushing? We'll find out how his snaps broke down in this one with a little help from @PFF_Macri. Not a ton going on besides those couple issues but if something comes up we'll find it.

In rainy Seattle, we got the Seahawks and Cardinals. For the Seahawks, we'll check on Jamal Adams (S) and see if he's worth two first-round picks yet and beyond that most things are pretty set here. As for the Cardinals same deal, beyond the "waiting for Zaven season" crowd there isn't a ton going on in Arizona but we'll have both teams bend over and cough and we'll give a thorough inspection of each.

Sunday night it was the Chargers and Steelers. For the Chargers we got week two of Kenneth Murray (LB) and with both Kyzir White (LB) and Drue Tranquil (LB) active we'll get a better read on if Murray will be an actual option rest of the season when we're in the normal order of operations. For the Steelers about half of their defense was missing but we'll see who filled in and where and if these injuries continue at least we'll know who to pick up short term going forward.

And to wrap up week eleven it was the Bucs and Giants. For the Bucs we'll look at a cornerback corps that compares favorably to my booty after Taco Bell, it's seriously injured and worn out, been through a war almost. Beyond that most things are pretty stable in Tampa Bay on the defensive side of things but we'll see what there is. For the Giants same deal, pretty stable but we'll check in on Xavier McKinney (S) and see if he was able to continue the post-Jabrill Peppers (S) hot streak he's been on recently.

All that and more in this week's edition of the audio monster. Let's find out what happened in this week of IDP production and use that information to fix our shredded teams in a desperate attempt to hold on to our chances for a playoff berth. Let's get into it.

The Week 11 Answers

(Listen to the audio above, also available on the IDP Guys podcast feed)

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