• KC’s Embattled Frank Clark Tweaks Hamstring During Practice

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    With legal troubles already an issue, Frank Clark leaves practice with a tweaked hamstring.

    Frank Clark was arrested last month due to a felony weapons charge where police said to have found two loaded firearms and possession of an assault weapon stemming back to March 13th of this year. Clark also has a pending investigation on him where police witnessed a sub-machine gun in Clark's car, though he claims it was his bodyguard's.

    Either way, Clark may be handed down discipline both federally and from the NFL.

    If things were not bad enough for Clark fans, The Chiefs Wire added today that Frank Clark tweaked his hamstring and left practice:

    The Chiefs are toying with the idea of playing Chris Jones on the outside more this season. Jarran Reed was also signed in the off-season to play on the interior. This could be the team preparing for life without Clark and it is not a bad backup plan.

    Whether it be due to legal issues or his hamstring, we will no the severity when the news breaks, Clark is likely to miss time. You should be moving on from Clark in dynasty leagues, trade him while he still has a sliver of value.

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