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    Welcome to the rest of the season / deep dynasty profile for Raven safety Kyle Hamilton.

    Safety IDP Kyle Hamilton

    One of the most talked about defensive backs coming into the 2022 NFL Draft. The Ravens did as they always do, and took the best player off their big board. And with the 14th pick, they took  Kyle Hamilton, safety out of Notre Dame. Which came with a lot of mixed emotions considering what IDP managers knew about the Ravens' secondary. And so the off-season was set in motion. Not knowing if the rookie could unseat Baltimore favorite Chuck Clark. When we all had to assume it wouldn't be newly and highly paid Marcus Williams, formerly of the Saints.

    And to catch us up, Harris didn't unseat anyone. And he's played sparingly, as most Baltimore rookies on the defense do. But what's a little more concerning? It took an injury for Hamilton to get the third safety gig this defensive scheme offers. Which doesn't translate well unless in the deepest and darkest of IDP leagues.

    Although be it. It's likely a 50/50 call between how the Ravens do things, or Kyle Hamilton isn't quite ready. Even though his PFF grade is above solid right now. But so are all the veterans around him. Including who they preferred when Marcus Williams went down, veteran backup Geno Stone. And with it being around mid-season and Marcus Williams is on the mend. The rest of this season doesn't look so hot for Hamilton, and neither does his chance of making a huge IDP impact.

    Dynasty Profile

    Turning to his dynasty profile. We're not expecting it'll ever hit top-tier value. At least like Hamilton could have had anywhere else, but Baltimore. So considering his current scenario. And whether the Ravens would cut ties, or demote strong safety and former green-dot-wearing captain, Chuck Clark. Or the other fact is that's not all that would have to change. Because in recent history, it's the free safety position that's hot in this secondary. Then, Hamilton would also need to unseat Marcus Williams and his huge contract.

    And looking back, we've not actually had a year-in and year-out top-tier safety out of Baltimore in a long time. With it always seemingly capping the position. Based on how the Ravens use all three safeties, their corners, and their front seven in packages. And don't forget, when those veteran Raven cornerbacks are healthy. They demand their own portion of the IDP pie per contest.

    So taking into account the obstacles and the NFL defensive scheme, our dynasty profile for Hamilton will also be capped. Because even when he does become a full-time starter. The odds he also overcomes, outplays, and overachieves to the point he's a top-10 safety option. Anytime soon, as a Raven, is really stacked against him on paper.

    He's going to be around a long time, an IDP play for years to come. We just suggest with the current market of defensive backs in fantasy football - we won't go wrong if it's at no more than a low tier-two investment. And preferably, more of a strategic 2023 tier-three option, and with a deeper 2024 dynasty value.

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