Nakobe Dean – Rest of Season Deep Dynasty Profile

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Welcome to the rest of the season / deep dynasty profile for the Eagles' Linebacker Nakobe Dean.


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Linebacker Nakobe Dean

Due to injury concerns, Dean fell to the Eagles in the third round of this year's NFL draft. He has played sparingly and barely in relief of the starters, T.J. Edwards and Kyzir White. Edwards is the full-time middle linebacker, and White has played a pretty consistent 75% of the snaps thus far. There have not been any other significant snaps going to anyone else.

There's no indication Dean hasn't secured the third off-the-ball linebacker role, but the Eagles have locked a pretty good pair ahead of him. Barring an injury, there's nothing to forecast for Dean right now, at least for the rest of the 2021 season.

To dive into Nakobe Dean's dynasty value futures, we realize we don't have much to work with at this point other than his rookie profile. So, to really examine his future with the Eagles, we dove into his — and the other Eagles linebackers — 2022 depth chart scenarios and the organization's habits of dealing with ILB contracts for the last few years.

Contract Hot Take

T.J. Edwards, who is currently working off a one-year contract, could be released or signed elsewhere this coming offseason. Then we have Kyzir White, who just signed with Philadelphia this past off-season. and will also technically be a free agent in 2022 too.

On top of knowing the Eagles' most recent history, we know they don't pay their inside linebackers very well comparably. Philadelphia has also consistently averaged paying them a little more, or less, than around $1 million a year, which keeps them bottom five among all the other NFL franchises in addressing the position.

On paper, and as long as the organization thinks Dean is ready, either White and Edwards could be gone via another team paying, or all parties involved might decide to move on. Then the Eagles would be able to give the green dot (maybe) to their high-profile 2021 rookie.

Fans will have to remember something for now. The Eagles had no idea he would slide that far this past year in the NFL draft, so it was nothing more than a luxury pick they took advantage of at the time. IDP managers might have to wait and let it slide a season. Then we'll wait for Nakobe Dean's IDP value of Philadelphia's future defensive star.

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