NFL Defenses That Could Take Their Team To The Superbowl

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Fantasy Football Strategy

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Two NFL Teams Who Could Take Their Teams To The Super Bowl, This Year!

With 7 weeks in the books for the 2019-2020 NFL season, now might be a good time to see if the top 2 ranked defenses can take their teams to the Super Bowl? This also has IDP implications as well, being that you might want to add some of these players and start them weekly. Going into week 8, two defensive units have stood above the rest.

The topped ranked defense is the New England Patriots and the second ranked defense is the San Francisco 49ers. I’m going to break down each of these units and see if we can plan on seeing these two teams in Super Bowl 54.


The latest Super Bowl odds see the Saints (+550) as the NFC’s best team. Meanwhile, The Patriots are the heavy title favorites (+250) after starting the season 7-0, but the 49ers haven’t lost a game yet either so for the sake of this article we will be looking at San Francisco.

New England Patriots:

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What’s that famous saying…….oh yeah, defense wins championships. The Patriots don’t need a top ranked defense to win Super Bowls, as they continue to dominate the National Football League. What makes it more frustrating, for non Patriots fans, is that this year they do have a topped ranked defense. As it stands now the Patriots are +240 to win this years Super Bowl and that’s down from +250, entering Monday nights game against the Jets, in week 7. Here are their ranks going into week 8.

Total Defense (YPG) The New England Patriots rank 1st, allowing 223.1.

Total Points allowed, the Patriots have allowed 48, which is also 1st.

Passing Yards allowed per game, the Patriots rank 2nd, allowing 148.4

Rushing Yards allowed per game, the Patriots rank 2nd, allowing 74.7

So as you can tell they are just dominating their opponents. To be fair they have had a really soft schedule, through 7 weeks, with their opponents having a combined record of 12-32 (.273). As it looks right now, the Patriots schedule is expected to get harder for the rest of the season. Given the potential of their offense and the emergence on their defense, they are going to be a tough team to beat, in the Super Bowl.

Here are a list of IDP players that can be solid contributors for the rest of the season.

Linebacker – Jamie Collins

Cornerback – Stephon Gilmore

San Francisco 49ers:

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If there’s one defensive unit that can hope to stop the New England Patriots, it’s the San Francisco 49ers defensive unit. To this point, I think the 49ers defensive unit has surprised some people, across the NFL. While their offense remains a work in progress and hard to watch, their defense is what’s been carrying this team to its 6-0 start. As it stands now the San Francisco 49ers are +1000 to win this years Super Bowl.

Here are the 49ers ranks going into week 8.

Total Defense (YPG) The San Francisco 49ers rank 2nd, allowing 223.5.

Total Points allowed, the 49ers have allowed 64, which is also 2nd.

Passing Yards allowed per game, the 49ers rank 1st, allowing 133.5.

Rushing Yards allowed per game, the 49ers rank tied for 7th, allowing 90.

Much like the Patriots, the 49ers are also having their way with their opponents, thanks to relatively soft schedule. Their opponents have a combined record of 11-28 (.392). The 49ers remaining schedule is also expected to get harder. Even though their offense is a continued work in progress, their defense can absolutely get them to the playoffs and potentially to the Super Bowl.

Here are a list of IDP players that can be solid contributors for the rest of the season.

Defensive Tackle – DeForest Buckner

Defensive Tackle – Arik Armstead & Nick Bosa


As you can tell, both of these teams have benefited from soft schedules to open their 2019 seasons. It will be really interesting to watch both of these teams as their schedules stiffen. I do expect both of these teams to make the playoffs, however I don’t think the 49ers will be the NFC representative. The NFC is very competitive and there are a number of teams that can make it to the Super Bowl on the NFC side. It will be a fun second half of the season to see how this shakes out.

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