• NFL Draft IDP Deep Dynasty Safety Updates

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    Welcome to the NFL’s pre-draft IDP updates for second-year deep dynasty safeties.

    Post Free Agency NFL Per-Draft IDP Deep Dynasty Tune-Up

    As with every offseason, things can go left in any fantasy football scenario. Situations can improve, hold tight, or sometimes take a complete nose dive with one simple NFL transaction. This leaves us wondering how those second-year safeties stock held post-free agency.

    This is where this NFL Pre-Draft IDP update comes in. and possibly leaving a window to make a move one way or the other. And before any of your league mates have a clue as to what happened.

    Jaquan Brisker

    Jaquan Brisker is one of the top two, if not the best, looking IDP second-year safeties on paper. He took a huge hit on his 2023 outlook this early off-season when the Chicago Bears signed former Philidelphia Eagle inside linebacker T.J. Edwards. And also after adding former Buffalo ILB Tremaine Edmunds. Although these players aren’t safeties, it will still eat into his projected plays.
    Part of Brisker’s big appeal is that he didn’t have above-par linebackers in front of him in the box his first season. So, as of this moment, he has changed his scenario for this coming season. Brisker has gone from a high-end top 2023 deep dynasty safety option. Immediately own to what may be capped off now, at reaching a solid DB1 level for the next few years. Putting the odds against he can repeat another two-to-one tackle ratio… (Read More)

    Jalen Pitre

    Jalen Pitre is the only second-year NFL draft IDP top-end option not yet affected by any off-season shenanigans. The Houston Texans’ safety managed to dodge a couple of bullets of “free-agency signings” as the Texans were a little busy on the defensive side of the ball, but in the end.

    They signed one “ok” traditional deeper free safety veteran, former 49er Jimmy Ward and also going after former Raider Denzel Perryman at inside linebacker. He isn’t an elite signing will add better competition at getting after the ball. This leaves last year’s IDP breakout, Jonathon Owens, on the market for now.

    Yet not likely good enough with any other current combination of Texan ILB left over from last year. So, barring any further damage signing, Jalen Pitre might not have come even close to being the best-looking in 2022. But as of right now, he is in the midst of developing and holding as a real deep dynasty option… (Read More)

    Kerby Joseph

     On paper, despite the popular CJ Gardner-Johnson signing, not resigning Will Hill and letting Deshoin Elliott go to Miami doesn’t change Joseph’s outlook. Leaving less to whether or not he has a huge role going forward. Hence, possibly anchoring this IDP secondary deep dynasty juggernaut. Otherwise known as the Detriot Lion’s main sweet-spot safety free-safety IDP gem… (Read More)

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