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  • NFL Game Tour: Green Bay Packers vs Las Vegas Raiders

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    Why does the Green Bay Packers vs. Las Vegas Raiders game rank #18 on our list of the best 2023 NFL travel games? Keep reading to find out!

    At a minimum, the cost of getting into Allegiant Stadium will run you about $400 per ticket. For this reason, the Green Bay Packers @ Las Vegas Raiders ranks #18 on our 2023 NFL travel games list.

    The cost of tickets plays a role in our ranking criteria. However, ticket prices are not enough to keep us out of Las Vegas. Some good games on the 2023 NFL Week 5 schedule. The Kansas City Chiefs vs Minnesota Vikings looked interesting but was not enough to unseat this classic Monday Night Football showdown.

    Green Bay Packers vs. Las Vegas Raiders Pros & Cons


    • Las Vegas is a top 10 US travel destination
    • Monday Night Football. A classic matchup between two colorful franchises that have over 100 combined years of football history.
    • Good opportunity to check out a structure that costs about 1.9 BN to construct. Stadium will also have some historic appeal after it hosts the Super Bowl on February 11, 2024.
    • Average Hotel Room cost under $200 per night.


    • Questionable play at the QB position. You are no longer watching guys like Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr. Jimmy Garoppolo is always hurt. Some concerns about the quality of the game.
    • Both teams play in very competitive divisions. We would not label either of these teams as playoff caliber.
    • Classic Matchup but not necessarily a rivalry game.
    • The bright lights of Las Vegas are very attractive, but if a cheap seat is running in the range of $400, this hurts.

    Overall Diamond Ranking (♦)


    NFL Travel Recommendations and Vacation Plan

    1. Upper Deck Game Day Tickets = $800 
    2. We are on a budget, so you must trust me on this one. The first thing that we do is book a reservation at the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Las Vegas South. I understand that this is not the penthouse at one of the big resorts, but you cannot go wrong at a cost of $355 (157 X 2 + taxes). The place offers free Wi-Fi and breakfast. Look to check in on October 8th and Check-out on the 10th.
    3. You will want to arrive in LV early on the 8th. Check-In at the Fairfield is not until 3 PM, but we have a full slate of NFL games to watch and bet on! Winning some cash on games or at the tables is all part of the experience. Please set your own budget, but we will go with you and your partner using $600 to gamble. No need to spend extra money on cabs as the Mandalay is only a 20-minute. This casino has a great sportsbook and plenty to do for the day.
    4. If you have failed to cash a few tickets with your NFL bets, hit the Las Vegas Strip with $300. Plenty of deals to be had on beer and street food. If you have WON BIG, the city is your oyster!
    5. Fill up on free breakfast Monday morning, relax, and prepare for Monday Night Football. In addition to the Fan District (Mandalay Bay and Luxor), the Thrillist has solid recommendations. Let's budget $300 for the day. Again no need for cabs as all recommendations are within walking distance.

    Total Estimated Cost ($800 + $355 + $600 + $300 + $300 = $2,355)

    Total Estimated Cost Per Person ($2,355 / 2 = $1,177.50)

    Thank you for reading my GB vs. LV #18 article. This is part of our "Best 2023 NFL Travel Games" piece! You can read more of my sports betting content on my IDP Guys Author page. After that, feel free to connect with me on Twitter @MarcSaulino and follow @IDPGuys to stay informed about everything NFL-relevant. 

    Marc Saulino

    I invented an alternative form of Fantasy Football called "StatementGames". Having fun writing about my experiences with trading sports cards, sports collectables & NFT’s in an effort to make up for Gambling losses.

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