• NFL IDP Draft Deep Dynasty Linebacker Updates

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    Welcome to the NFL's pre-draft IDP updates for second-year deep dynasty linebackers.

    Post Free Agency NFL Per-Draft IDP Deep Dynasty Tune-Up

    As with every offseason, things can go left in any fantasy football scenario. Situations can improve, hold tight, or sometimes take a complete nose dive with one simple NFL transaction. This leaves us wondering how these inside linebackers NFL IDP draft stock held up post-2023 free agency.

    Malcolm Rodriguez

    The Lions' Malcolm Rodriquez is still sitting atop the dynasty depth charts, with recently resigned Alex Anzlone, and likely the guy to keep the main linebacker gig. At least considering his excellent season last year, the reports, and how Anzolne has earned it.

    So, with this situation, after our anticipation, it might not. Alex Anzolone is odds on favorites right now to lead the Lions again this year. We won't cap Rodriquez yet, though, so don't do anything drastic in deeper leagues. He flashed often and fast last season when trusted into a starting role. He is holding his on in stats and in real NFL action backing it all up.

    At this point, think LB2 with potential redraft value and a strong dynasty LB1 ceiling. Assuming one, no higher rookie IDP is drafted at ILB. Or, someone like Deion Jones is signed later; just a little situational projecting. And still likely not touching Rodriguez's current deep dynasty value... (Read More)

    Quay Walker

    Our top second-year option? Likely still has to be the Packers, Quay Walker. Nothing has changed. He'll still only have veteran De' Vondra Campbell to compete with. Unless, for whatever reason, the Packers go the best available somewhere in the draft.

    It is highly unlikely and notable that there isn't anyone better at what he does in this year's class. Leaving just a possible free agency lingering. Again, maybe Deion Jones. There just aren't any of those available either that we should really have any concerns about...(Read More)

    Jack Sanborn

    An unfortunate turn of events in Chicago devastated the Bear's breakout darling of 2022. The NFL inside linebacker had a high IDP draft ceiling this year, and then it happen. When after the fact. Reportedly the Bears decided they were spending their cash wisely. Simply grabbing who they thought was the best NFL "players" available in free agency.

    So in those turn of events, the team signed former Bill ILB Tremaine Edmunds. Only to really bury Jack Sanborn down to a deep-depth piece even more. Following that, signing with an even potentially better one long-term than Edmunds.

    Adding former Eagle T.J. Edwards, leaving no room or snaps for Sanborn anytime soon, barring injury. So this one might be the worse hit taken, comparably...(Read More)

    Devin Lloyd

    As is, the Jacksonville Jaguars haven't done anything in free agency to their defense yet. And with a quick glance at their roster, don't be surprised if they draft elsewhere than inside linebacker. Leaving both Lloyd and Chad Muma's draft stock in place from last year.

    As well as the same case scenario IDP production ceiling we had the first time around earlier in the offseason. Where Lloyds got the NFL IDP draft stock edge in real life, but Muma is right there waiting...(Read More)

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