NFL Week 13 Injury Report

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Welcome to Week 13! Let me help catch you up to speed on the NFL Week 13 injury report with actionable fantasy advice!

Welcome to the NFL Week 13 Injury Report. Most teams won't release their first mandatory injury report until later this week, so my NFL Week 13 injury report is based on the information available.

Here's a quick refresher on the terms the NFL uses for injuries before diving in. "Out" is pretty straightforward. It simply means the player has been ruled out for the next game. "Doubtful" means the player is not likely to play and, for fantasy purposes, usually means they won't suit up.

"Questionable" is basically everything else besides healthy. It could really go either way in terms of the likelihood to play and should be determined case by case. "Did not practice" means, well, he did not practice. Why? Unclear.

Check back later in the week for any updates to this article. 

(If there is nothing listed under a team, that means they had no significant injuries to report.)

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