Odell Beckham Jr. – Decision Day Looms

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The battle is not over! Now that we have gotten through the Thanksgiving Day New York Giants Vs Dallas Cowboys game all eyes turn to Odell Beckham Jr. decision day. The start wide receiver will be visiting Big Blue shortly in a formal capacity. Dak Prescott and other Cowboys have already expressed their interest in joining forces with Odell. Who will come out on top?

The speculation is ongoing and the favorites who have emerged in the Odell Beckham Jr. sweepstakes are the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, with the Packers and the Rams coming in a little further down the list.

If we just focus on the two odds on favorites, let’s go ahead and make a case for both Americas Team and the New York Football Giants – certainly, big reputable providers like BetMGM Ohio name these two as the strong frontrunner contenders.

We can deal with the ramifications later should one of the longshots come in.

A Case for The Dallas Cowboys

Money, Money, Money…. Money! Rumor has it that Odell Becham Jr. lost some coin in the recent crypto crash. Dallas Cowboys owner has deep pockets, and the state of Texas does have the ability to offer some friendly tax incentives. In fact, they are a no-tax state.

The NFL world needs to pony up when the owner comments, “Odell is someone that we have all the appreciation in the world for what he is as a competitor. I know that a Cowboy star on that helmet can look pretty good when he puts it on.”

When looking at the Xs & Os, you can compare the 2021 Los Angeles Rams and the 2022 Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys nation is a self-proclaimed WIN now team. They have a veteran quarterback and do not need OBJ to be a #1 wide receiver. They just need him to step in and offer a little more energy juice. The juice will elevate them to the championship rounds and beyond.

Odell Beckham Jr. A Case For The New York Giants

Unfinished business! It is that simple. Money and championships can be had in New York. From a Championship perspective, it may take some time, and it probably will not come this year. With that said, you can see that the right foundation is in place. With the return of OBJ in New York, he will be viewed and treated like a conquering hero. It is a Disney script being written.

Another key variable that needs to be factored into this equation comes from the Giants’ front office and/or management team. The Mara family is extremely prideful. It was not that long ago when they got embarrassed at the 2021 draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. Big Blue was locking in on DeVonta Smith only to have a division rival beat them to the punch. Losing out on another WR to another division rival will not play out well!

Odell Beckham Jr. Prediction

I believe it will come down to the Cowboys or Giants, so I am playing them both! I have already placed 100 unit bets on the Cowboys at +250 and the Giants at +300. If  Beckham signs with the Cowboys, I will win 50, and if he lands with the Giants, I take home 100. A disappointing loss will be had if he does not sign with either of these teams.

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