Pokémon and their NFL Player Counterparts!

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NFL players have been compared to many things, but what about Pokémon? We thought it'd be fun to give it a try!

While many fantasy analysts are busy looking at rookies and doing mock drafts, we here at IDP Plus thought it'd be fun to make a slightly sillier piece of content. You love football and you love Pokémon, so why not go through the exercise of finding a current NFL player's Pokémon counterpart? You won't find this kind of content anywhere else! Let's get to those Pokémon comparisons!

Golem- Christian McCaffrey

Golem immediately popped into my head as a Christian McCaffrey comparison as once Golem gets rolling (Rollout) he’s nearly impossible to stop. Same with McCaffrey, who scored a touchdown in 17 straight games.

Alakazam- Lamar Jackson

He’s a wizard. Just when you think you’ve got him he manages to slip away and create magic with his legs or down the field despite a true WR1.

Machamp- D.K. Metcalf

The physique. The potential. If you lined them up side by side it would be like looking in the mirror. Running a 4.33 40 time At 6’4 236 pounds makes him the equivalent of the Kanto heavyweight.

Rhydon - Tristan Wirfs

Wirfs is a brick house at offensive tackle and has excelled at both RT and LT. Like Rhydon, there’s no going through him unless you want to be stonewalled.

Rapidash- Isiah Pacheco

Pacheco is known for his ferociousness as a runner, treating each rush attempt like a track race, and for good reason. Once Pacheco gets going his 4.37 speed resembles the 150mph Rapidash - good luck keeping up!

Voltorb - Dak Prescott

You never know what to make of him before or after every season. No matter what your thoughts end up being, one constant is the Cowboys self-destructing in the playoffs

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Growlithe - Aidan Hutchinson

Hutchinson is a high-motor guy who can't wait to "burn" you getting after your favorite Quarterback. Much as Growlithe is a friendly and loyal Pokemon, Hutchinson has been loyal to Michigan his entire life and will fight fiercely for his team.

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Ditto - Micah Parsons

Micah Parsons has been asked to be many things over his NFL career, taking many forms on defense and excelling at all of them. The natural comparison for him is Pokemon whose whole thing is changing into whatever you want them to be: Ditto! Whatever you ask Parsons to do, he'll become that player!

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Charmander - T.J. Watt

Maybe defensive linemen just feel like fire Pokemon to me! I compare T.J. Watt to Charmander for one simple reason: he's your first pick as a starter and a guy you'll want to have when you face the elite four at the end of the season. Sure some other folks might pick a different starter, but this is the one you should be picking.

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Psyduck - Josey Jewell

Notorious for its perennial headache, Jewell gave fantasy managers a headache all year. Much like Psyduck, when you started Jewell in fantasy you had no idea what you were going to get. Was he going to actually attack and be useful? Or would he just shut down like Psyduck did regularly in the anime? Headache-inducing indeed!

I hope you had as much fun reading this little adventure of an article as we had writing it! If you liked this article on linebackers and their Pokemon comparisons, please let us know so we can keep writing these silly, unique articles! Follow @IDP_Plus to keep up to date with all the latest fantasy news! 

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