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    It’s usually a hot take to pick a player who may end up being a bust for fantasy football. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of “predicting” a player to have a bad season. It would be really amazing if every player we draft, and have on our squads, had stellar seasons. That’s not a realistic option though. This short series will include a few players whose current ADP puts them in a position to become 2020 IDP Busts!

    Jacksonville Jaguars, LB, Myles Jack's 2019 Statistics: 42 Solo, 24 Ast, 3 TFL, 0.5 Sacks, 1 Int, and 4 PD

    The infamous Myles Jack.  A 2016 draft pick for the Jaguars. A man who is worthy enough to grace an NFL roster. But, is he worthy enough to be on your IDP fantasy team? If you're in leagues with expanded rosters, then absolutely, he is worth rostering. Myles Jack tends to be a consistent player when he plays a full season. In 2019, Jack appeared in only 11 games. He was put on the IR after injuring his knee in week 12. Jack had played in 59 consecutive since he was drafted in 2016. So yeah, he usually stays healthy and is what you want in a NFL player on your squad because of his consistency. Here's the problem, we've put this same faith in Jack every season for IDP. He's never quite played up to expectations.

    I think its partly because of all the access to media we have these days. It can help build hype around a player. Jack is currently the 22nd linebacker being taken according to IDP Guys ADP. He's roughly the 140th player being taken in the site's ADP. He's going ahead of other IDP relevant linebackers I'd rather have like Eric Kendricks, Todd Davis,  and even TJ Watt. The whole TJ one really gets to me. In my opinion, Jack has been kind of a let down. The hype around him has got to quiet down at some point. Some people believe him moving back to the OLB position will help him thrive. Perhaps it could help his numbers! Although, I'm not drafting him that early because he hasn't proven too me that it's worth the value.


    Jacksonville has expressed that the weak-side linebacker position is much more suitable place for him. Joe Schobert arrived from Cleveland during free-agency. This allows the Jaguars some more flexibility at the linebacker position. So, in no way am I saying that Myles is a bad player. I just need more proof that he is a reliable IDP linebacker I can start every week at his current ADP. Jack should be viewed more as an LB 3-4 on your squad right now. A possible bye-week plug in if your league doesn't allow a large roster. Look for a guy around the same ADP that has better IDP numbers. Matt Milano is even being drafted after Jack. Linebacker is a deep position for IDP value. Until he starts to prove it undoubtedly, be wary of Jack.

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    San Francisco 49ers, DE/DL, Arik Armstead's 2019 Statistics: 32 Solo, 22 Ast, 11 TFL, 10 Sacks, 2 FF, and 2 PD

    As a fan of this player, this is hard for me to write. But, we need to be aware of the situation in which Armstead now finds himself. The 49ers want Arik to be the man now, along with Nick Bosa of course. He did lead one of the best defensive squads in sacks, last season. Why not believe in the hype? They basically let DeForest Buckner walk because of this man right? All the rumors could be true. Armstead could certainly continue his rise as a defensive lineman IDP value. Is it always so simple though? One thing I certainly believe is that Armstead had a lot of help getting to the quarterback in 2019. That whole defensive line was stacked last season. It kind of still is, but can Armstead really stay on this tear?

    Arik was drafted as a first round pick by San Francisco in 2015. He struggled with health and consistency his first few years in the NFL. Two years in a row now though, Armstead has played 16 games. He's hovered around the 50 tackle total mark the past two seasons. He does have consistency. I do worry that the rise of Nick Bosa and the loss of DeForest Buckner may make things more difficult to play up to his ADP. Armstead is currently being drafted as the DL14. He still has to compete with Dee Ford as well. He's approximately the 179th player being drafted. Ahead of DeForest Buckner and Maxx Crosby. Personally, there are a few other defensive lineman I'd prefer to have before I fully trust Armstead's current ADP.


    Arik Armstead is currently a projected starter along the 49ers defensive line. That would make sense after they re-signed him this off-season. He is an above average run defender. That's where you will see a lot of his tackles come from. Now, he will be asked to rush the passer quite a bit more than he did last season. The 49ers drafted Javon Kinlaw in the 2020 draft. The ability to create pressure won't be as easy as it was with the veteran Buckner. I'd actually rather have DeForest Buckner at DL14, along with Maxx Crosby, Bradley Chubb, and Josh Allen. I think 2020 is a great year for Josh Allen to become a breakout candidate himself. Armstead has DL2-3 value. These articles are only meant to keep you aware of other ADP values.

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