Possible IDP Busts Based Off ADP – 3

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Before every season begins, many of us IDP fantasy enthusiasts are looking to stock our rosters with the best football players we can find. We draft based on knowledge and research. We use almost every resource available to us to make sure our team is able to compete. This series continues with players whose current ADP puts them in a position to become potential IDP busts in 2020!

Chicago Bears, DL/LB, Khalil Mack's 2019 Statistics: 40 Solo, 7 Ast, 8 TFL, 8.5 Sacks, 5 FF, and 4 PD.

This may be one of the hardest things I've ever had to write. Khalil Mack is probably one of my favorite players in the NFL. He's also on my favorite sports team, the Chicago Bears. After being traded to the Bears from the Raiders in 2018, Mack has not been the same player that he used to be! His tackle numbers have dropped tremendously. He is still a threat when he's on the field. He's certainly a man that opposing offenses must be prepared for when they face the Bears. Mack still puts pressure on the QB consistently. He's much more valuable in the defensive linemen spot. Does he have the ability to return to the old form that made him such a viable IDP asset?

Khalil Mack is currently the DL2 based off IDPGuys ADP. He's being taken right after Aaron Donald. Before guys like Myles Garrett and Danielle Hunter. As I always like to say, this has nothing to do with Mack's ability as a player. We all know how great he is. Just because he's a great player, does not mean he will be super valuable to your fantasy IDP squad. Khalil is infamous for his ability to get after the quarterback! This means it is highly likely he will be double-teamed quite often. When this occurs, it will open up opportunities for his new team-member, Robert Quinn. Quinn is basically a steal right now in most drafts. I think he stands to benefit most on the Bears this season.


Mack is a monster. That's exactly what Chicago wanted when they traded for him. A "Monster of the Midway!" He can run through almost any offensive linemen that he goes up against. Sometimes, even two of them. The reason he's in this series is simple! He's going as the second defensive linemen off the board according to current ADP. If the past two seasons tell us anything, it's that Mack's production isn't what it used to be. He will still get you sacks, forced fumbles, and maybe even an interception or two. Mack is just not worth drafting that early. I hate saying it. You should consider him as a DL2 or LB2 for your IDP fantasy team, depending on his eligibility. Honestly though, I hope he proves me wrong.

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Kansas City Chiefs, DB/S, Tyrann Mathieu's 2019 Statistics: 63 Solo, 12 Ast, 3 TFL, 2 Sacks, 4 Int, and 12 PDs.

The honey badger don't care about anything I'm about to say! He's a Super Bowl champion now. Mathieu has lived what so many kids dream of. Tyrann is definitely one of the best safeties in the NFL right now. Is he a guy you can count on as a DB1 for your fantasy team? It certainly depends on the scoring format in your leagues. Mathieu is a big play artist. He's not likely to give you tons of tackles. But, he is great in coverage. If your league accounts for passes defended, he can sure rack those up. Although, many IDP leagues are tackle-heavy. In my opinion, Mathieu is only a consistent start in big play scoring formats.

According to IDPGuys ADP, Mathieu is being drafted as the 6th defensive back off the board. That has him going after guys like John Johnson and Landon Collins. IDP degenerates are picking Mathieu ahead of players such as, Jordan Poyer, Harrison Smith, and Tracy Walker. In my opinion, I'd much rather have those three players over Mathieu at his current ADP. Like I recently said, most IDP leagues are tackle-heavy. Poyer, Smith, and Walker are more likely to get you higher tackle numbers. When it comes down to it, there is actually still a few more guys I'd draft over Mathieu. I'm not saying, "Don't draft Tyrann." But if you do draft him, maybe consider waiting a little longer into your draft to do it.

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There is no doubt that Mathieu is one of the top safeties in the game. He's on a Super Bowl contender. He is a leader on the Kansas City Chiefs defense. You don't need to rush to grab him though. There are other defensive backs and safeties you can draft before you reach for him. Because of his big play ability, he's definitely worth having on your roster. I consider him more of a DB/S 2 value. Since he's not entirely consistent on a week to week basis. His current ADP makes him look like a DB1. That's not realistic in most scoring formats for IDP. Unless your league is pumping out huge points for interceptions, forced fumbles or passes defended. Hold off a bit on grabbing Mathieu, or grab a player who's ADP is more appropriate.

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