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  • QB Strategy: Redraft vs Superflex

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    In redraft leagues, the biggest question is when to draft a QB. Here, I will dive into my strategy and how it compares to the average ADP.

    The NFL season is fast approaching! Redraft leagues are quickly filling up and getting ready to draft. More leagues are moving to Super-Flex, but some traditional leagues are still one QB. Let's take a look at the redraft QB strategy for both types of leagues.

    Redraft Strategies

    There are different strategies in how managers draft their teams. There is no right or wrong way to approach the draft — it is all based on preference. It is important to be flexible when going into a draft because you never know what other managers may do.

    • Best Player Available: This is self-explanatory. You are flexible and take the best scoring playing on the board, regardless of position. Ignore roster construction and worry about lineups after the draft. This strategy may cause serious trading after the draft is over.
    • Robust RB: You draft an RB in the first 3 or 4 of your draft picks. The thought is to get the workhorse backs so you are set and don't have to hope for benching or injuries. Since the WR position is so deep, this strategy believes that early RB is the way to go. Best if you have a top-six pick.
    • Zero RB: This strategy goes on the belief that WRs are safer in early picks and getting elite options can set up your team for success. Drafting an RB in this strategy usually does not happen until after round six. This strategy is best if picking late in the first round, pick 8-12.
    • Modified Zero RB:  This is a hybrid of the Robust RB and Zero RB strategy. You pick one stud RB and then go WR the rest of the early five or six draft picks. This could be used if you have a top-five pick but do not want to just focus on RB for the first few rounds.
    • Early QB: Instead of waiting to draft a QB, you want to make sure you have a top 3 QB that you do not have to worry about playing matchups through the season. This is best if picking outside the top 6 and do not want to go WR in the first round. If an injury happens or the QB struggles, this could cause the season to go down the tubes quickly.

    How I approach drafting QBs

    I value the QB position in redraft a lot more than other managers, especially when the passing TDs are six points each. I like to have a top guy at the position so I know I am going to get elite production most weeks.

    One QB Leagues:  IDP Guys Redraft Rankings

    I used Sleeper's ADP data to look at when most redraft leagues are drafting a QB first. As of August 3 in one QB leagues, the first three QBs are coming off the board at picks 15, 29, and 36. I have taken a QB in the first round in this format but learned that does not always work out. So, in a one QB league, I tend to go with a QB in the third round.

    Superflex Leagues

    Using Sleeper's ADP again, the August 31 data shows a difference in how QBs are being drafted in SF Leagues (where you can start two QBs in your lineup). This data shows that seven QBs are getting drafted in the top 20 picks. Since you have to start two QBs, most managers want to make sure they at least get one of the top eight QBs.

    In SF format, I look to get a QB in the first round and then a second QB by round four. My goal is to get two very good QBs then a backup third QB for bye weeks by round eight or nine. QBs are at a premium in SF. I try to grab one early so, when others are reaching for below-average QBs, I can scoop up the better value WRs.

    My Redraft QB Rankings Based on Projections

    In both formats, I want a QB in the top 10 at the very least. In Superflex, I want the second QB inside the top 20. The below rankings are based on projections I updated after cuts and week three of the preseason.

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    Thank you for reading! You can read all my work on my IDP Guys Author Page and find me on Twitter @hayeb3.  Please subscribe to IDPGuys.org for all your fantasy football needs, and check out our customizable IDP scoring tool! 

    Brandon Haye

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