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  • Quay Walker – IDP Recap And Deep Dynasty Profile

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    Welcome to the deep dynasty profile for Packers Linebacker Quay Walker.

    2022 Regular Season Recap

    We're handing out the defensive rookie of the year award in this one. Congratulations to the Packers' first-round selection, linebacker Quay Walker. He has, hands down, earned and deserves the DROY this year, no matter what happens for the rest of the season. We will shout out our runner-up — Jaquan Brisker — because the Bears' safety is on fire. So look for his deep dynasty profile to pop up soon.

    We could throw out the tier-one stats Walker has been throwing us this season, or we can hit on the facts that support he's legit, which started off with the Packers creating way more playing time for Walker's position in this scheme than normal. Something we highlighted and wondered about before the season ever kicked off. And something that hasn't been seen with any consistency for around a decade or so.

    Next, the fact he produced accordingly and has the NFL talent to back it all up. With outstanding coverage anchored by a very small margin, 3% missed tackle rate. And last but not least. It's simple. Quay Walker also held this defense together like a champ. And like a seasoned veteran almost, to be honest. At least in this short sample, note-worthy defensive De'Vondra Campbell has been out.

    Deep Dynasty Profile

    After crowning our champion, all that's left at this point is looking toward his future. And we'll kick that off by looking at De'VonfreCampbell's contract as a floor timeline. Because the Packers really do like Campbell. And resigned him to a nice contract this past off-season. Ironically for doing exactly what Quay Walkers is accomplishing right now. Just this time last year it was Campbell.

    So assuming when Campbell's contract comes to the table again in 2024 with an "out" clause penciled in. At least that's the best-case scenario we see with his contract running through 2026. They'll have to decide whether to keep this tandem together even longer or not.

    But back to those stats, Quay Walker had been recording before Campbell went down. And then the boost we saw while he was out. Well, great news IDP fans. Walker can have the same solid LB1 ceiling after seeing what we've seen in any given contest. It'll just be too hot of a take right now as long as he's capped playing next to Campbell. So we'll likely have to wait until at least 2024 to see a top-5 ILB projection for an entire season as a hot IDP-ranked player.

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    Thank you for checking out Travon Walker.'s 2023 deep dynasty profile. And catch more of my Tipster fantasy football and NFL IDP content on Twitter at @TheIDPTipster, or find all my future IDP Guys content at IDPGuys.org.


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