Resources and Links

Our Goal Is To Provide You With The Best Resources!

Here are the sites that WE use.

The Fantasy Football Franchise is an entertaining podcast about dynasty and redraft fantasy football. Hosted by Tyler, Nick, and Jon each episode provides much needed insight to win your league. Their website includes a fantastic writer core (some of them even help out here) and publish regular content. Make sure to subscribe to them on your favorite podcast listening device.



This is an amazing site built by friend of the show Addison Hayes (@amazehayes_), who we had on at the beginning of our 2018 season. The site is a data base with a ton of information from the past 10 years of NFL stats. This includes both offense, team defense, and IDP. During production of the website, we had the opportunity to suggest some additional features aimed at the IDP player, customizable scoring. This lets you put in your own scoring and get last year’s rankings for defensive players.



The Number One follow for all IDP players is Gary VanDyke (@HBogart27). Period, end of story, pack up your bags and go home. If you play IDP and aren’t following Gary, you are getting beaten by players who are. He is tapped into the IDP world. He’s a great twitter follow, and will answer your IDP questions. A very personable and reasonable guy who likes to help others win championships. We reference his articles often on our podcast and he is the feature writer for our site.




We’ve had a partnership with Cleat Geeks (@CleatGeeks) for some time now, and recognize the amazing content they publish. They cover a wide range of sports including fantasy football and IDP. Its unusual for websites who cover similar content to direct their readers to each other, but both of us recognize that if our audience experiences both of us they are far more informed.



A more recent find for us, Punch Drunk Wonderland (@PDWonderland), and Kelly Smelser who carries the same twitter handle, is a great resource for both live IDP mock drafts with some of the heavy hitters in the IDP twitter-verse and ADP rankings for IDP based on a multitude of the live mock drafts over the offseason. This can give you an inside look at how IDP twitter is feeling about individual players, as they rise and fall in real time based on incoming news.