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  • Rookie Recap: IDP Week 1 Performances

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    Who are the top-scoring IDP rookies from Week 1? Check out the Rookie Recap to see who they are and the impact that they had this week.

    Each week I will do a recap of the previous week’s top-scoring IDP rookies. The scoring for the rookies is based on the IDP Nation Listener League 2 scoring. I’ll break down the tier 1 rookies (top 12 scoring rookies) and what their impact could have on your fantasy team’s rosters.

    From stud rookies to the one-hit wonders, I will give you everything you need to know about the rookies you drafted or should have drafted. Let’s take a look at the top-performing rookies from Week 1.

    Asante Samuel Jr, CB, Los Angles Chargers

    The top-scoring IDP fantasy rookie for week one was Los Angles Chargers cornerback Asante Samuel Jr.. With 14.3 fantasy points scored (FPTS), he ranked eighth overall among all rookies. In his first career start, he played 47 defensive snaps (85%) while producing five tackles, four solos, and one TFL.

    With veteran Casey Hayward no longer on the team, I was curious as to the role that Samuel Jr would assume? My initial thoughts were that Samuel could have a significant role, but I didn’t see him starting right away. That should tell you just how highly the Chargers think of him. He was started in 36% of My Fantasy League.com leagues, which tells me fantasy managers are operating on the premise of rookie cornerbacks get picked on a lot.

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    Paulson Adebo, CB, New Orleans Saints

    The next top-scoring IDP rookie for week one was another cornerback, Paulson Adebo of the New Orleans Saints. He would score 13.8 FPTS, which would rank him ninth overall among all rookies. Adebo would start week one for the Saints and play all 57 defensive snaps (100%). A tall task to ask of a rookie, but Adebo more than held his own, with a three tackle, two solos, one interception, and one PBU performance.

    Adebo was one of my top graded IDPs in this draft class and early results are that his game will translate well to the NFL. Fantasy managers missed out on a prime opportunity to start him as he was started in 0% of My Fantasy League.com leagues. That will definitely change going forward with his breakout performance.

    Brandin Echols, CB, New York Jets

    The next IDP rookie is also a cornerback, Brandin Echols of the New York Jets, who tied with Adebo as the second top-scoring IDP rookie for week one. The first-year corner from Kentucky would score 13.8 FPTS, which would rank him tenth overall among rookies. Echols played 46 of the defensive snaps (72%) for the Jets and with those reps, he would record five tackles, all of the solo variety.

    Just like with Adebo, Echols was started in 0% of MFL leagues. Most likely fantasy managers have him stashed away on their taxi squads, but it’s good to see him producing an early return for those wise enough to invest in him.

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    Tre Norwood, S, Pittsburgh Steelers

    After three straight cornerbacks at the top of the rookie recap, we get our first safety to make the list, in Tre Norwood of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Along with Adebo and Echols, Norwood tied for the second leading scoring IDP rookie with 13.8 FPTS. He would rank 11th overall among all rookies. Just like the first three on this list, Norwood would get his first official start in week one.

    Here’s the kicker, while he’s listed as a safety, he actually made the start as a slot corner. That’s one of my favorite positions in IDP fantasy, as they are asked to do so many things on the field. Norwood played 68 of the defensive snaps (80%) and produce five tackles, all of which were solos.

    Nick Bolton, LB, Kansas City Chiefs

    At number five on the rookie recap, is our first linebacker, Nick Bolton of the Kansas City Chiefs. In his first career start, Bolton would score 13.5 FPTS while playing 45 of the defensive snaps (76%). On those snaps, he would record seven tackles, four solos, and one TFL, which would rank him 12th among all rookies in scoring.

    Bolton was one of my pre-draft favorites and now that he appears to be a full-time starter, I’m am loving him even more. He was started in 35% of MFL leagues, which surprised me due to the quality depth of the position as a whole. Now is the time to acquire him in trades if you can, because his value only goes up from here. 

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    Michael Carter, S, New York Jets

    Number six on the rookie recap is our second safety, Michael Carter, and our second New York Jet. Carter is the third safety on the list and scored 12.5 FPTS, which would rank 14th among all rookies. Carter didn’t start but did play on 35 of the defensive snaps (55%). Despite the lower snap count, his output was super high, as he produced five tackles, one solo, one TFL, and one PBU.

    It’s this type of efficiency that will lead to more snaps. Volume isn’t always king, but efficiency is hard to beat especially in fantasy. Carter was started in 0% of MFL leagues, but that’s okay as he is likely stashed on a lot of taxi squads. Remember patience and the long game are your friends.

    Kwity Paye, DE, Indianapolis Colts

    Next on the rookie recap and the midpoint of the list, we get our first defensive end, Kwity Paye of the Indianapolis Colts. He would score 12.3 FPTS in week one that would rank him 15th overall among all rookies. Paye is a favorite among fantasy managers, as his 50% start rate on MFL backs that up. He would get the start in week one playing 41 of the defensive snaps (76%). On those snaps, he would produce three tackles, two solos, one TFL, and one fumble recovery.

    The defensive end is a position where there are some major tier breaks, but Paye is one that you’ll regret not adding to your rosters. He has the talent and the team around him defensively is legit good. This could be just the floor for what we’ll see from him going forward.

    Micah Parsons, LB, Dallas Cowboys

    Here’s the superstar that we have all been waiting for, linebacker Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys. He made his first career start and is the second LB to make the list in week one. Many expected him to be number one on this list each and every week, and that will come, so just R-E-L-A-X. I know 77% of you started him in MFL leagues and he produced right where I thought he would.

    In his first start, he produced seven tackles, three solos, and one PBU. That would equal out to a 12 point fantasy week and rank him 16th among all rookies. Parsons played 51 of the defensive snaps (78%) in week one and I expect that to continue to increase going forward. Remember to breathe, the sky is the limit for him!

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    Azeez Ojulari, LB, New York Giants

    As we continue the rookie recap, we get our third linebacker, Azeez Ojulari of the New York Football Giants! Ojulari didn’t start but he did play 34 of the defensive snaps (52%). Remember the word efficiency! On those snaps, he registered three tackles, two solos, one TFL, and one sack. Ojulari would score 11.0 FPTS in the IDP Nation Listener League, and that would rank him19th among all rookies.

    Going back to the draft, I said he was just a perfect fit for the Giants. He just fits the mold of their type of players. The snap counts will only go up for Ojulari from here. I have seen him available on waivers in some leagues, so go check and get him on your fantasy rosters.

    Benjamin St-Juste, CB, Washington Football Team

    We’re now at number ten on the rookie recap list and we get another cornerback! Benjamin St-Juste of the Washington Football Team is the fourth cornerback on the list. I knew once the WFT cut players such as Jimmy Moreland and Greg Stroman, that there would be a chance for St-Juste to play meaningful reps.

    He would play on 47 of the defensive snaps (58%), which is a little more than I initially expected. Never the less he made an impact, with four tackles all of which were solos. That would equate to 11.0 FPTS in week one and rank him 20th among all rookies. He wasn’t started in any MFL leagues and can be picked up off waivers. If you’re looking for a cheap upside guy at CB, St-Juste is worth a look.

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    Jayson Oweh, LB, Baltimore Ravens

    Next up on the list is linebacker Jayson Oweh of the Baltimore Ravens. My initial thoughts on him right after the draft is that his value takes a hit being designated as an LB instead of a DE. However, there is an opportunity for him to have an impact as a situational pass rusher. Week one showed us that may just be his role!

    He would play 48 of the defensive snaps (56%) and his production would be on point. He recorded two tackles, both solo, one TFL, one sack, and two QB hits. That would be good enough for 10 FPTS and rank him 21st among all rookies this week. Oweh was started in 16% of the MFL.com leagues but will have a tougher challenge in week two versus the Cheifs and Patrick Mahomes.

    Alim McNeill, DT, Detroit Lions

    Our last player to make the rookie recap list this week is Detroit Lions rookie defensive tackle Alim McNeill. He is the only DT to make the list week but I expect him to make this list a few more times this season. He was a favorite of mine coming out of the draft and fantasy managers started him in 25% of MFL.com leagues.

    McNeill earned his first career professional start and played 28 of the defensive snaps (52%). Starting in the trenches in the NFL is no easy job, but McNeill did a solid job recording four tackles. Two of those tackles were solos. He would score 9.0 FPTS, which would rank him 23rd among all rookies. If you play in position-specific leagues, then McNeill is a guy you’re going to want.


    This concludes the rookie recap for this week! I’ll be back next week with week two results, as we begin to see these rookies and others get more acclimated to the league. With that, I expect the fantasy points scored (FPTS) to begin to climb up. Will next week be the same names or will there be a new group of faces on the list? Either way, I’ll be here to break it all down for you and give you all the information you need to make the right decisions for your fantasy teams.

    Thanks for reading my article. I am a member of the FSWA (Fantasy Sports Writers of America). You can read more of my articles on my author page at IDP Guys. Follow me on Twitter at @HollywoodTitan, on Facebook on my IDPNation page, on Reddit in the fantasy football IDP sub — I’m user KingTitan1 — and tune in each week and listen to IDP Nation and Devy IDP Grind, the podcasts that I co-host, on several different platforms. Feel free to hit me up with any questions that you have, as I’m always glad to help fellow IDPers. #IDPNation #IDP #IDPDevy.

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