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    Shadrach Banks has transferred from Texas A&M to TCU. See how this former 4-star recruit will have an instant impact.

    Shadrach Banks is an absolute athletic freak of nature. He stands in at 6'1" and around 220 lbs., built like a running back while playing wide receiver. He combines strength with a powerful burst matched with very good top-end speed. Banks was a 4-star recruit out of the famed North Shore high school that also produced, now teammate, Zach Evans.

    He was a first-team MaxPreps All-American and District 21-6A Offensive Most Valuable Player as a wide receiver his senior year. As a sophomore Banks was incredibly productive, though missed all but five games as a junior to a foot and ankle injury. He came back as a senior and proved again to be dominant against high-level high school competition.

    Banks was ranked as the 112th overall recruit in the 2021 recruiting class and 18th overall wide receiver recruit per 247 Sports. Not only does Banks play wide receiver at a high level, but he has been recruited as a linebacker as well. Let's check out how he can instantly impact both sides of the ball.

    Offensive Talent

    Shadrach Banks is best known for what he did in high school as a receiver. He does his best work with the football in his hands, tacking on serious yards after the catch. He is built like a running back and defensive backs bounce off of him like a ping pong ball. Watch here as he shows how hard he is to bring down with initial contact:

    Banks has recorded a 4.49-second 40-yard dash as well. Add that speed to his 220 lbs frame, and he is a physical beast. Now watch here how he uses his speed and athleticism to break away from the defense:

    Banks originally accepted a scholarship to play at Texas A&M, though decided to transfer worried about the lack of star receivers that have not progressed out of that program. Once he entered the portal, TCU and Texas were Banks' top choice schools. Both programs were seemingly interested in converting him to linebacker, but we will cover that later.

    Banks joins his former high school teammate Zach Evans, the running back for TCU, and pairs with Quentin Johnston on the outside as receivers. Max Duggan will be running the offense again in 2021. Johnston averaged 8.9 yards after the catch in 2020 and Banks is the same type of monster after the catch. These two have a real chance to thrive off of screens and slant routes this season.

    Defensive Side

    As previously mentioned, Banks has an incredible frame at 6'1" and 220 lbs. In other words, he is built like a running back and is compact and bullish in strength. Watch here when this undersized defensive back tries to tackle him and just bounces off:

    He has all of the intangibles that make a very good linebacker. Additionally, he has incredible balance and lateral agility. Banks does a good job of keeping his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage as a runner. All of these attributes are useful as a linebacker.

    His contact balance helps him shed blocks and keeping his shoulders square does not allow him to get caught going in a certain direction. Additionally, Banks is very good in contested catch situations, probably largely in part due to his upper body strength and his hands. His speed and strength allow him to possibly thrive in coverage on tight ends, something that is very important in today's football.

    As a linebacker, Banks has true sideline to sideline ability, with his 4.49-second 40-yard dash. If Banks can show that he has a nose for the football and understands running lanes and coverage depths, he has the opportunity to thrive. Texas and TCU both courted Banks to be a linebacker for their respective defense.

    In conclusion, TCU just lost their top linebacker to the NFL draft in Garrett Wallow, which opens up for new life on the defense. If Banks can impress and shows a good grasp of the defense, his athletic profile, matched with his strength, could lead him to a bigger role on the team.

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