• The Art of Fantasy Football Trades

    The Draft is the second most important aspect of dominating your fantasy football league. The first? Making trades. Before you all gather your pitchforks and torches because you…

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    My Friend The Soldier And How The NFL Helped Him Come Home

    ***Language and Content Warning: This article contains some harsh language as well as descriptions of the violence of war and the many dangers faced by American Soldiers during…

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    IDP Guys Fantasy Football Week Four Mailbag

    @BrianDFF and the IDPGuys staff answer your Twitter questions from @IDPGuysTrades about NFL Week 4. After a short hiatus from writing, getting a new job and such, I’m…

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    Weekly WTF?!?! Football is Back and as Crazy as Ever

    Welcome back IDP fans! Week 1 went exactly as planned right…? This is a simple article – I point out the weird, wild, wacky stuff from week 1…

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