Tarps Off Sports To Begin Strategic Partnership With IDP Guys

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Owner's Desk

We have a strategic partnership to announce.

On March 15th, the owners of Tarps Off Sports and The IDP Guys, Chris Mancuso and Nathan Cheatham have entered into a strategic partnership that will allow the two companies to work more closely together in the coming months.

This strategic partnership will allow Tarps Off Sports to expand their brand into NFL content with the help of a proven team of NFL analysts and opens the doors for IDP Guys staff to expand into other avenues of content creation outside of football. Fantasy Football is one of the biggest markets in North America. An estimated 60 million people in North America play fantasy sports, and the entire industry is worth about $7.2 billion. The drive that both brands have to be different from the mainstream is exciting. When we are talking about a market that size, you need the content to match the demand. By combining the knowledge of the IDP Guys content team and the creative edge of Tarps Off Sports, we plan to be an industry leader in Fantasy Sports, especially Football.


IDP Guys

The IDP Guys are the #1 website for customizable dynasty and redraft fantasy football. They specialize in IDP, Devy, and alternative dynasty formats. IDP stands for “Individual Defensive Players,” which are drafted and played in IDP fantasy leagues. The IDP Guys made their name in the industry by providing the best content about defensive NFL players and rookies. This year IDP Guys took a step into expanding their brand. They added devy content, articles geared around college players that are used in certain fantasy formats, and alternative dynasty formats like Super Flex (2 QB) and Tight End Premium leagues.

IDP Guys have a considerable amount of products, including subscriptions to website content, yearly rookie draft magazine publications, and merchandising.

Tarps Off Sports

Tarps Off Sports is a product of the success of Tarps Off Hockey. Tarps Off Hockey pulled together writers from a network of other sites that felt they needed help to amplify their voices and perspectives in the industry. The blue-collar staff cut their teeth during the NHL’s return to play and quickly saw skyrocketing traffic on their videos and livestreams. To increase the brands market share they collectively decided to rebrand to Tarps Off Sports over the summer of 2021. The goal is to become an industry leader in interactive content during the biggest sporting events on earth, capitalizing on allowing priority to fan engagement to help steer the conversation during events.

Fantasy Expo

Together IDP Guys and Tarps Off Sports will be attending the Fantasy Football Expo in Canton, OH, on August 15th. They will have a booth in the VIP Main Hall to give out information about the sites, giveaways, subscription discounts, magazines, and merchandise. Stop by the booth to meet the staff as well as Chris and Nathan. Oh, and stay tuned for more.

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One of the hosts of the podcast, Nathan has been writing and editing football content for over three years. Him and some close friends have been building this IDP fantasy podcast for some time now, and improvements keep coming. Nathan is the founder of both the website and the podcast. The idea came from his work with other podcasts and websites, and partnering with his roommate.

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