• The “Birds” Winning Super Bowl LVIII – Not Exactly?

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    The Philadelphia Eagles are still the NFL’s “Favorite” bird to win Super Bowl LVIII, but I see great value NOW with a different bird species.

    Super Bowl LVIII Future Odds have been circling around as anticipation for the 2023 season builds. The Philadelphia Eagles are still the NFL’s “Favorite” bird to win Super Bowl LVIII, but I see great value NOW with a different bird species. Taking a flyer on the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons.

    I am still very much looking for a solid QB and coaching combo. Of course, all of us are looking for perceived value and believe some can be had after exploring a variety of sports books. Given the complexity of the AFC and how it is loaded with star QBs, NFC value has been my focus.

    Why not take a flyer on perceived NFC value NOW and — if correct — you can always hedge your investment by taking the NFC’s opponent on Super Sunday.

    Ruffle Some Feathers and Throw Out the Philadelphia Eagles

    I am throwing out all Future Super Bowl LVII bets for the following reasons:

    • Not enough FUN! How much fun can you possibly have in picking the NFC’s odds-on favorite to WIN next year’s Super Bowl? You will not win any Nostradamus awards by picking Philadelphia.
    • I hate the Eagles. They make me want to puke. (Go Big Blue)
    • Getting back to the Big Game is HARD. In the past 57 years, only eight teams have returned after losing the year prior.
    • The 2023 team is going to be different from the 2022 one. Key losses within the coaching staff have already taken place. On the defensive side of the ball, Jonathan Gannon & Nick Rallis are now in Arizona. The Indianapolis Colts have hired Eagles OC Shane Steichen as their new head coach
    • Jalen Hurts will get a big bag of CA$H, and the team has an additional 20 players hitting free agency.

    … Philadelphia Eagles CHANGE is COMMING!

    Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl LVIII Odds +6000

    In reviewing my future Super Bowl LVIII rules, the Seattle Seahawks have a few things going for them. To start, they have stability in a future Hall Of Fame coach in Pete Carroll. Geno Smith will be coming off his 2022 NFL comeback player of the year award and in his fourth year with the Seahawks.

    This team was a Playoff team and has a ton of upside. Sure, the San Francisco 49ers are the division’s superpower, but who knows how Brock Purdy will react coming off major surgery. All will be shocked if Jimmy Garoppolo is even on the 2023 roster, and I have zero confidence in Trey Lance.

    As for the remainder of the division… the LA Rams sold their soul for a Super Bowl LVI win, and the Arizona Cardinals stink!

    Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl LVIII Odds +7500

    Why not? Tom Brady is long gone, and someone has to WIN the NFC South. The Atlanta Falcons will be playing a last-place schedule heading into 2023. As always, the Atlanta Falcons will be playing the tank for Caleb William – A.K.A Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, and Carolina Panthers twice.

    They will also play nine additional games against NON-2022 NFL Playoff teams (Packers, Texans, Colts, Bears, Lions, Titans, Cardinals, Jets & Commanders). What if this team signs David Carr? Do you really think this line would stay at +7500?

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