• The IDP Guys Open – FREE Sleeper IDP Leagues!

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    This Fantasy season here at the IDPGUYS, we are doing something special for all Fantasy Players.

    What's the Scoop

    This season the IDPGUYS will be hosting our very own redraft leagues on Sleeper. These leagues are complete with 11 offensive and 11 IDP positions to test you against the fiercest competition we can find.

    Do you think you're the smartest player out there? Do you believe you are the smartest drafter or the best trader? Or just maybe you're like me, and you want to play against the best there is.

    Join us for a season of excitement in a league like you have never seen before! Our leagues will feature a custom scoring system that promises to keep a truly healthy balance between offense and IDP Players.  Last season, four of the top ten players were defensive players.

    The Scoring

    We built these leagues to be high scoring and exciting, and by golly did we ever do it! Sacks are worth a whopping 9 points, and there are bonuses galore for all players!

    Based on these scoring settings the #1 scorer was not a QB or WR. Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes finished #2 #3 on the season behind an LB. I am very excited to see how the drafts play out. expect to see defensive players going in the first and second rounds.

    It is very exciting to think that there will be teams who can punt offense, and build strong IDP lineups that will be contenders. You could be rostering Roquan Smith and Nick Bolton instead of Tyreek Hill and Bijan Robinson and still play for the championship!

    The Rewards

    We know you're going to love these leagues so much that we have a special offer for the winner of each league we open. Each league winner will receive a one-year free membership to the IDPGUYS! That's right, one whole year free. It doesn't matter if you're a current subscriber, or not you're eligible! All you have to do is watch our socials for leagues to open, and join. If you miss out on one, don't worry another will start up shortly.

    If redraft isn't your thing that's okay. Soon we are starting up our best ball leagues! Continue to watch out for news about those.

    Or here if that one is filled! We will add more as they fill up!

    Make sure to follow us on Twitter and YOUTUBE @IDPGUYS

    And make sure to follow me on Twitter @FF_SkinnyChef for all sorts of updates on the leagues throughout the season.

     If you’d like to read more, you can visit my IDP Guys author page or follow me on Twitter at @FF_Skinnychef. If there is something you would like to see written, DM me. May the waivers be forever in your favor.

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