The Match: Mahomes, Allen, Brady, and Rodgers

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“The Match” – On June 1, 2022 at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, NV the combo of Patrick Mahomes & Josh Allen will square off against Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers. The third installment of “The Match” has been scheduled and the trash talk is on.

The 2022 NFL calendar year is in full swing! However, our first glance of Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers will not come from the football field. Such images will come from the golf course. For this event, we know that the contest will take place over 12-holes. Final format details will be released in the upcoming weeks. For now, what can be confirmed is that the trash-talking amongst these All-Star & Future HOF NFL QBs is that the trash-talking has begun.  There are no signs of the banter slowing down either.

Early Story Lines – The Match Trash Talk

The young bucks Vs GOATS. Brady was quick to strike when he posted about a possible Allen approach shot. Allen returned fire with a friendly wisecrack about Brady’s new golf apparel brand.

Mahomes has made a few comments to the effect of how it will be nice to hit a few second-shot wedges while Brady & Rogers were hitting 6-irons. Of course, he is referring to how the young guns will be able to pound the “Big Dog” / Driver better than the older duo.  Rogers is on the board with his “Not A Fair Fight” comment.

Everything that has taken place so far has been some good old family-friendly fun but from my perspective, this group can do better. If you want The Match to start generating some buzz we need to throw some more gasoline on the fire.

Four Talking Points That Can Generate More Buzz For “The Match”

  1. Old Balls & Loose Skin: If Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen want to get after the age of their counterparts, add some edge! One of these two should step it. Social media will go up in flames should one of them comment on how they plan on dominating. Then follow the comment up with an old fart remark. Something like, today Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brandy can only offer society two things. A pair of old balls and some loose skin!
  2. Retirement: Another dig the younger guys can take at Brady & Rodgers would be on how they wanted to move forward with The Match a year or two earlier. They were forced to put things on hold because their elders threatened retirement. Event negotiations were not going exactly their way so they threatened to leave the NFL.
  3. Jeopardy: When pressed with an age comment, lets get Aaron Rodgers shoot over a reply that will turns that tables on the youngsters. Something along the lines of how he can host Jeopardy while Mahomes and Allen only have the ability to host a pimple popping convention.
  4. I Am Tom Brady: Enough of the modesty. Just once I would like to see one of the younger guys chirp Brady. Only to have him turn around and say – Son, do you know who the F*@K you are talking to?


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