The Tipster’s Week 6 Defensive Back “Easy” Start/Sit Chart & Players

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The IDP Tipster’s Week Six IDP “Easy” Start/Sit Charts And Hard Starts/Soft Sits Players To Target Or Avoid

The IDP Guys are proud to be presenting The IDP Tipster’s second season of the tested and proven accurate “Easy Start/Sit” charts. His five-step approach was innovated out of necessity years ago and is now offered to the public for assisting in getting the right players in or out based on the matchups. And in addition to the data for the proven formula, The Tipster also adds his personal touch by staying on top of all that is IDP across the fantasy football landscape in completing the charts increasing the charts “hit” percentage.

The Tipster covers all 32 teams IDP positions in general categories while adding in a few Hard Starts and Soft Sits that stand out in the process of powering the charts. The innovated way to address the all too familiar questions of whom to play and who to sit goes beyond the traditional approach of offering just a handful of suggested players.

There will no longer be a need to scour the media for “your guys” as the tested and proven formula is applied in an easy to read and a simple format while covering every IDP the NFL has to offer for fantasy football in one localized chart. Just sit back each week and follow the simple guidelines while The Tipster does all the work every week for you.

His five-step formula on all his charts is for the suggested opportunity or in some cases not suggested IDP production versus their current opponents. And after being tested over many seasons and proven with having a high percentage hit rate, The IDP Tipster is proud to power the following “No Bullshit Content” based “Easy Charts and Hard Starts with Soft Sits” to win now on via The IDP Guys.

Defensive Backs

Number one guideline to follow overall: ” Never Sit A Stud Over An Average Joe Or A Flier”.

Another guideline in “splitting the hairs” on possible equal results on two or more players: Would always advise cross-checking with snap counts for every down IDP players and their average time on the field. A suggested and easy to use resource for those snap counts:

Use this guideline for additional “splitting the hairs”: The IDP Tipster and/or IDP Guys rankings.

The last but maybe the most important guideline: Always remember that the “handicapping” in the chart(s) has been done for you. Don’t over think it. The Tipster has set it up with the defensive schemes already figured in, the matchups at hand, and any situation the designated IDP group may be going through.

If you are unsure of your player’s designated position at this time only the real NFL team depth charts can be trusted and are centrally located at page. Where the charts are based on each team’s base defensive package.


 AFC Hard Starts

Buffalo Safeties, whether it is Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde, or Rafael Bush, at least two of the three should be Hard Starts. The reason all three are listed is that Hyde and Bush have recently been injured. And at the moment both have returned to a limited basis as of Wednesday. Poyer will most certainly be a hard start despite his solid designation on the chart, his role for the defense overrides the overall matchup numbers. It might be a headache to figure out exactly between the other two who starts at the strong safety position, but whoever it is will net a solid game versus the Texans that allow top-notch points to the secondary in general. If both are healthy, it will likely be Hyde who sees the most time on the field as the starter. This one will need to be monitored and possibly will be all the way up to game time.

Jets FS Marcus Mayehas a hard start matchup versus the Colts at home this week. He may not hold as much upside as fellow safety Jamal Adams, but in this contest, both will produce at nearly the same level. If the Colts go down early Maye becomes even more intriguing as the main deep safety.

AFC Soft Sits

Colts FS Malik Hookeris coming off a strong performance in Week 5 and a lot of fantasy owners may be thinking about running with a hot hand in Week 6. I suggest they reconsider that if they have any other potential players. Overall. It simply isn’t a viable option when the jets allow so little to cornerbacks and the deep safety. The only way he should be an option is if we hear that both Geathers (Neck) and Farley can’t go and Hooker is moved to the starting strong safety. That’s doubtful to happen, but if it does, he then becomes a Hard Start.


NFC Hard Starts

Rams FS LaMarcus Joyner and SS John Johnsonshould both be considered hard Starts going into Denver this weekend. Not only is it a favorable matchup on paper for safeties, but it is all that more favorable if we figure on the game flow. The ball control that the Rams are likely going to be able to achieve on both sides of the ball will likely put the Broncos passing attempts to the test later in the contest.

Packers FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dixhas been more productive as the leader of the secondary in real life over a productive fantasy IDP play. We should take advantage of his matchup this week with the Niners coming into Green Bay. As dismal as the Niners situation is they have managed to allow top production to the entire secondary and this sets up Ha Ha for possibly his best game thus far in the season.

NFC Soft Sits

Bears SS Adrian Amos came into the season as a top option at strong safety, that’s not been the case with what has unfolded so far. Don’t expect that to change heading into this weekend versus the Dolphins, this simply isn’t a nice matchup for him. With healthy linebackers in front of him as well as a revamped pass rush he is slowly slipping down the tier chart.

Vikings SS Harrison Smith and FS Andrew Sendejoboth should be Soft Sits this week versus the Cardinals. As for points allowed to any IDP position, they rank in the lower quarter in all designated categories. There simply won’t be any major opportunities for either player. Their odds are just not that great when there have only been two safeties so far this year that have recorded more than five combined tackles when playing the Cardinals. So in five games, that’s ten safeties and two out of ten doesn’t actually scream Hard Starts here.

There are always three Charts published, an LB, a DB, and Edge/DL. So if you’re looking at one and like to see the others you can go to The IDP Tipster Page on site and know that if they aren’t there yet, they will be soon.

We are still fairly early in the NFL season and some things will work themselves out among many of the NFL teams. I can not stress enough that if we have a stud we must play them unless we are splitting hairs between “known” studs. Be sure to always apply the guidelines and keep in mind that we have “Any Given Sunday” situations happening until the NFL hits its full stride.

Thank you for considering my personal charts as well as my players to either target or avoid. I look forward to publishing these throughout the season as part of my No Bullshit Content in an attempt to help us win now. It’s a tool, and we also know that sometimes tools aren’t as applicable in all situations, but I assure you, these charts work and will be especially convenient for all of us as the season rolls on.

Thank you as always for reading and feel free to find me on Twitter@HBogart27 for any follow-up questions or anything IDP. Or reach out at 



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