The Tipster’s Week 7 Linebacker “Easy” Start/Sit Chart & Players

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The IDP Tipster’s Week Seven IDP “Easy” Start/Sit Charts And Hard Starts/Soft Sits Players To Target Or Avoid

The IDP Guys are proud to be presenting The IDP Tipster’s second season of the tested and proven accurate “Easy Start/Sit” charts. His five-step approach was innovated out of necessity years ago and is now offered to the public for assisting in getting the right players in or out based on the matchups.

In addition to the data for the proven formula, The Tipster also adds his personal touch by staying on top of all that is IDP across the fantasy football landscape in completing the charts increasing the charts “hit” percentage.

The Tipster covers all 32 teams IDP positions in general categories while adding in a few Hard Starts and Soft Sits that stand out in the process of powering the charts. The innovated way to address the all too familiar questions of whom to play and who to sit goes beyond the traditional approach of offering just a handful of suggested players.

There will no longer be a need to scourer the media for “your guys” as the tested and proven formula is applied in an easy to read and a simple format while covering every IDP the NFL has to offer for fantasy football in one localized chart. Just sit back each week and follow the simple guidelines while The Tipster does all the work every week for you.

His five-step formula on all his charts is for the suggested opportunity or in some cases not suggested IDP production versus their current opponents. And after being tested over many seasons and proven with having a high percentage hit rate, The IDP Tipster is proud to power the following “No Bullshit Content” based “Easy Charts and Hard Starts with Soft Sits” to win now on via The IDP Guys.

Week Six Hard Start And Soft Sits Results

HARD STARTS (Green Light Starts)

Texans LB Zach Cunningham – 9 solo – 4 assists, the numbers speak for themselves.

Raiders LB Marquel Lee – 4 solo – 1 assist, disappointing but serviceable. There were a total of 4 players including white with 5 combined tackles and Whitehead (main linebacker) only had 6. Seattle controlled the game at will.

Seahawks LB Barkevious Mingo – 7 solo – 1 tackle for loss, team-leading effort, solid considering he was standing next to Bobby Wagner who only recorded 4 solos and a pass defended.

 Giants LB Alec Ogletree – 8 solo – 1 tackle for loss, above his average and second highest output on the season thus far. no complaints here as solid as any.

Soft Starts (Red Flag Warnings)

Panthers LB Shaq Thompson – 2 solo – 1 assist – 1 sack (tackle for loss), as warned he lost huge (1/2) his snap counts to Thomas Davis who returned from suspension for P.E.D.S.

Cardinals LB Haason Reddick – 1 solo – 6 assists – 1 pass defended, a warning to wait and see if Reddick would again be used as an every down payer. This was only the second week in a row he did putting him firmly on our radar, but we need at least a third week to lock him into a tier.

The Bengals linebackers, a unit as a whole warning to see just how they handled the snap counts with Burfict second game back. I believe it was well warranted and might be considered again for Week 7 with the developments of Vigil being hurt now and Burfict going off the rail.

Chargers LB Jatavis Brown – 2 solo – 1 tackle for loss, a simple warning to avoid him with White “out”. Brown reportedly missed the game as well with a groin injury in the end.


Number one guideline to follow overall: ” Never Sit A Stud Over An Average Joe Or A Flier”.

Another guideline in “splitting the hairs” on possible equal results on two or more players: Would always advise cross-checking with snap counts for every down IDP players and their average time on the field. A suggested and easy to use resource for those snap counts:

Use this guideline for additional “splitting the hairs”: The IDP Tipster and/or IDP Guys rankings.

The last but maybe the most important guideline: Always remember that the “handicapping” in the chart(s) has been done for you. Don’t over think it. The Tipster has set it up with the defensive schemes already figured in, the matchups at hand, and any situation the designated IDP group may be going through.

If you are unsure of your player’s designated position at this time only the real NFL team depth charts can be trusted and are centrally located at page. Where the charts are based on each team’s base defensive package.


AFC Hard Starts

Browns WLB Christian Kirksey may seem like a “no-brainer” here, but considering the fact that he has only had one contest with more than 5 combined tackles and has also missed 2 weeks of the season thus far we need to make sure he is in as a hard start in week seven. Not only does he have a favorable matchup coming into this week versus the Bucs, but with Schobert out with a hamstring, he’ll have more opportunities.

At the moment it is even being rumored that he may move from the weakside to the middle linebacker position in place of Schobert. Don’t let Kirskey’s poor outing in week 6 fool you, get or keep him in your lineup this weekend.

Colts MLB Anthony Walker was hitting a strong roll in weeks two thru four but then hit the wall a little with a couple of injuries. As long as he is healthy he is a must play as the Colts head up north to Buffalo. By the time the game is over, we could very well see Walker approaching if not hitting the double digits in combined tackles.

Buffalo WLB Matt Milano has finally hit his stride on the field as well as in snap counts. Normally I would want to wait until after three solid weeks in a row of solid production and snap counts. But in this case, I’m making an exception in suggesting him as a hard start. After digging deep into his current situation and the fact that he has not fallen below 70% of the snaps, which now days are still relevant, we have to roll with him in Week Seven.

The Colts are coming into Buffalo and surprisingly still a productive team as far as allowing points to linebackers. And considering the Bills quarterback situation, the entire Bills defense may break a record for time on the field this week.

AFC Soft Sits

Broncos WILB Brandon Marshall may be on some IDP owners radars for week seven with the first week of the season having four teams on bye weeks. Consider him a last resort as he hasn’t been more than an LB3 overall all season and facing the Cardinals this week actual inspire any faith he’ll turn that around.

Bengals MLB Preston Brown will be another linebacker that IDP owners will likely look hard at with news that Nick Vigil will be out in week seven. I’m going the other way, he is still a soft sit in week seven as far as I can tell. Sure I could be wrong but from what I know of the situation and how the Bengals DC handles things, it’s not worth the risk this week to find out.

The only way I suggest at this point you trust brown is if there is a suspension pop up for Burfict because of his roughhousing plays in the Steelers game or that Vincent Rey is out as well. And even then I would still throw out a caution in doing so.


NFC Hard Starts

Panthers WLB Thomas Davis returned from his P.E.D. suspension this past week sending Shaq Thompson snap counts spiraling downward. After an instant scenario playing out like that, we have to put him in as a hard start versus the Eagles this weekend. He just might be the number one IDP waiver wire pick up for this week.

Saints SLB A.J. Klein maybe playing second fiddle to Demario Davis, but this week with his matchup and that fact again that there are four teams on bye weeks, he needs to be in our lineups as a hard start. The last time Klein had a favorable matchup as this was in week two when he recorded his season-high nine combined tackles. On my charts, the Browns and Ravens allow within a very small margin in points to linebackers, and both are hanging in the top five in doing so.

NFC Soft Sits

Falcons WLB/MLB Duke Riley is officially more than just a Soft Sit, he is now a Hard Sit until future notice. Some of you may have heeded my warning that this was going to happen a while back in my article “IDP Tipster’s Futures: Atlanta Falcons Linebacker Foyesade Oluokun Is The Ace Up The Sleeve“. Or perhaps you caught Sam Lane’s article “Rookie Watch: Can Foye Oluokun Help The Falcons Survive The Deion Jones Injury?” a few weeks later.

Whichever, or however, the indications are after last week that Riley has been phased down and Oluokun has been phased in. Riley’s snap counts dropped by half as Oluokuns doubled. Until this plays out over the next couple of weeks, or until there is a change in venue, Riley is bench meat.

Vikings MLB Eric Kendricks may fall under the idea we never sit a stud, but this weekend they head to New York to face the Jets who are in the bottom third in allowing points to linebackers since finding a passing attack. Kendricks is notorious for being a matchup-dependent play, so if at all possible get him out of your lineup and avoid the risk.

9ers rookie WLB Fred Warner hasn’t done much of anything since Reuben foster has returned from his SSPD. Don’t look for that to change this weekend versus the Rams. Overall there has only been one team that has had more than one linebacker in a contest record any stats worth anything versus the Rams. That was the Broncos last week with OLBs Chubb and Miller. It’s simple math here, Foster is the only positive by playing the odds.

There are always three Charts published, an LB, a DB, and Edge/DL. So if you’re looking at one and like to see the others you can go to The IDP Tipster Page on site and know that if they aren’t there yet, they will be soon.

I can not stress enough that if we have a stud we must play them unless we are splitting hairs between “known” studs. Be sure to always apply the guidelines and keep in mind that we have “Any Given Sunday” situations happening until the NFL hits its full stride.

Thank you for considering my personal charts as well as my players to either target or avoid. I look forward to publishing these throughout the season as part of my No Bullshit Content in an attempt to help us win now. It’s a tool, and we also know that sometimes tools aren’t as applicable in all situations, but I assure you, these charts work and will be especially convenient for all of us as the season rolls on.

Thank you as always for reading and feel free to find me on Twitter @HBogart27 for any follow-up questions or anything IDP. Or reach out at 



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