The Tipster’s Week 8 Defensive Back “Easy” Start/Sit Chart & Players

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The IDP Tipster’s Week Eight IDP “Easy” Start/Sit Charts And Hard Starts/Soft Sits Players To Target Or Avoid

The IDP Guys are proud to be presenting The IDP Tipster’s second season of the tested and proven accurate “Easy Start/Sit” charts. His five-step approach was innovated out of necessity years ago and is now offered to the public for assisting in getting the right players in or out based on the matchups.

In addition to the data for the proven formula, The Tipster also adds his personal touch by staying on top of all that is IDP across the fantasy football landscape in completing the charts increasing the charts “hit” percentage.

The Tipster covers all 32 teams IDP positions in general categories while adding in a few Hard Starts and Soft Sits that stand out in the process of powering the charts. The innovated way to address the all too familiar questions of whom to play and who to sit goes beyond the traditional approach of offering just a handful of suggested players.

There will no longer be a need to scourer the media for “your guys” as the tested and proven formula is applied in an easy to read and a simple format while covering every IDP the NFL has to offer for fantasy football in one localized chart. Just sit back each week and follow the simple guidelines while The Tipster does all the work every week for you.

His five-step formula on all his charts is for the suggested opportunity or in some cases not suggested IDP production versus their current opponents. And after being tested over many seasons and proven with having a high percentage hit rate, The IDP Tipster is proud to power the following “No Bullshit Content” based “Easy Charts and Hard Starts with Soft Sits” to win now on via The IDP Guys.

Full Disclosure On Hard Starts And Soft Sits

Before we recap the results for Week Seven this week I felt like as part of my “No Bullshit Content” state of mind that I live by I should step in here and make this statement. I’m basing this that I’m about to mention on readers reaching out to me via Twitter. And I feel I need to make something clear this 2018 season after how IDP projections and situations have played out thus far.

The formula used for the charts are not a true reflection of the Hard Sits, nor really the Soft Sits that is an addition in these articles. In the past, I would work up the charts for publications and then later separately write a start/sit article. But with my time alotted as it is this season I am now combining the two. Keep this in mind as I’ve had indications that readers are letting my start/sits override the charts.

I do use the charts in helping form an opinion for the start/sits. But the guidelines included in the charts have to be considered overall before anything. Using the word “Hard” with starts may have been where I went wrong. They are not a “must” start, they are opinions on players as deeper players to consider via the information at hand. To sum it up in a tight package here, they are players for IDP owners to consider as possible bye week fillers or seen as potential plays based on my opinion, not a complete trend of the players suggested versus the chart information as individuals.

It’s simple, I’m reaching for us where we need it in order to try and win. If I was only going for a “touchdown” each week then I would just suggest the “known” stud IDP plays each week and the “known” players to sit who aren’t producing, to begin with. Please do not let my suggested deep dives override what we know via the Charts. There is a reason this time of year with bye weeks going on that I insert each player that I do in either case.

Thank You

Gary (The IDP Tipster)

Week Seven Hard Start And Soft Sits Results

HARD STARTS (Green Light Starts)

Jaguars FS Tashaun Gipson – 3 solo – 1 pass defended; the Texans had their way with the Jaguars resulting in only 24 pass attempts by Texans QB Watson and 37 run attempts by the team as a whole. The result was Gipson being neutralized as the deep safety. He should have had at least twice this production on paper.

Titans FS/SS Kevin Byard – 1 solo; wow, talk about a miss. Almost seems like the Chargers avoid him the entire game here. This also could be a trend all teams have taken this season after Byard showed out top skills last season.

Bears FS Eddie Jackson – 4 solo – 1 assist – may have been serviceable as a free safety, but a little more certainly would have been nice considering the matchup.

Buccaneer rookie SS Jordan Whitehead – 3 solo; I’ll take the full blame here on this one. After a week of reports and all indications he would be the next man up at strong safety this contest, the Bucs started Isaiah Johnson (also 3 solo) over Whitehead. Then there was a bit of a timeshare throughout the game. It was disappointing, to say the least.

Soft Starts (Red Flag Warnings)

Browns SS Jabrill Peppers – 7 solo – 1 assist – 1 pass defended; this one was a warning not to trust Peppers, he had been averaging about 50% of the snap counts prior to this contest. Guess what, with Schobert being out it looks like Peppers got an expanded role this game and jumped up to about 70% of the snaps available. As a warning and Peppers averaging only four combined tackles the few contests prior to this, it is what it is.

Bills SS Micah Hyde – 5 solo; another warning not to trust a player based of prior weeks. The total is his second highest in the year so far. No regrets here in the suggested sit.

Panthers SS Eric Reid – 6 solo – 2 assist; yes it was the third warning for owners to wait it out with Reid just joining the Panthers a few weeks ago. Up to this point, he didn’t show he was in “game shape”. He certainly looks the part now. We need to keep an eye on him going forward.

Lions SS Quandre Diggs – 4 solo – 1 tackle for a loss; one I will let the reader decide if this warning was worth listening to.

Defensive Backs

Number one guideline to follow overall: ” Never Sit A Stud Over An Average Joe Or A Flier”.

Another guideline in “splitting the hairs” on possible equal results on two or more players: Would always advise cross-checking with snap counts for every down IDP players and their average time on the field. A suggested and easy to use resource for those snap counts:

Use this guideline for additional “splitting the hairs”: The IDP Tipster and/or IDP Guys rankings.

The last but maybe the most important guideline: Always remember that the “handicapping” in the chart(s) has been done for you. Don’t over think it. The Tipster has set it up with the defensive schemes already figured in, the matchups at hand, and any situation the designated IDP group may be going through.

If you are unsure of your player’s designated position at this time only the real NFL team depth charts can be trusted and are centrally located at page. Where the charts are based on each team’s base defensive package.


AFC Hard Starts

Patriots SS Patrick Chung has a Hard Start situation this weekend versus the Bills. The safety has been used more like an “In The Box” type run stopper as of late and is as viable as any Patriot linebacker when he has been used as such in the past. He has the strongest matchup that we’ll see coming up and with so many bye week teams this week he shouldn’t be sitting on any waiver wires or benches.

AFC Soft Starts

Browns S Briean Boddy-Calhoun emerged for the first time this season last week versus the Bucs and played 100% of the game and paid out big with ten total tackles. Unfortunately, it is tough to think that the “out of the blue” move by the Browns was taken advantage of by anyone. There is some risk here as he only got this chance with the Browns secondary players beating up. But by the latest injury reports, he’ll likely see the same role this weekend. If he is in, he should be in our lineups if looking for DB help versus the Steelers who allow upper tier to safeties and will likely reach that second level of the Browns defense a lot this weekend via the run as well as the pass.

AFC Soft Sits

Bronco’s FS Ron Parks or Darian Stewart (neck stinger) shouldn’t be reached for as a desperate play this week, whichever one plays. On paper versus the Chiefs, the matchup is poor for that deep safety and neither are that gifted to make a point and over perform this week. The last time the played the Chiefs a few weeks ago Stewart was healthy and only managed three solo tackles.


NFC Hard Starts

Saints FS Marcus Williams hasn’t exactly stood out for fantasy owners this season as a must-start. But heading up north to play the Vikings this week makes him a decent Hard Start via the matchup. It will be his best opportunity at this point to produce considering what the Vikings allow to both safeties as well as the cornerbacks. This isn’t a home run “take”, but it is one that will net very serviceable stats.

Panthers SS Eric Reid has found his footing after recently returning to the league. He got in 82% of the snaps versus the Eagles last week and managed nine combined tackles that on paper was just as good as a matchup as this week versus the Ravens. There is no reason he shouldn’t repeat this week as a Hard Start.

NFC Soft Sits

Seahawks FS Tedric Thompson would be a “reach” to say the least this week versus the Lions on their home turf. He is “average” at best that has only managed to produce at a mediocre level in most contest. On paper, this contest matchup is as poor as it gets in what the Lions allow down the field.

Redskins FS D.J. Swearinger has had a couple solid games in a row and that’s going to end this week versus the Giants. Everything on paper has him as a Soft Sit with Eli Manning stuck in “check-down” mood because he can’t get time to throw downfield most snaps. There simply won’t be enough cleanup opportunities for Swearinger to make plays on.

There are always three Charts published, an LB, a DB, and Edge/DL. So if you’re looking at one and like to see the others you can go to The IDP Tipster Page on site and know that if they aren’t there yet, they will be soon.

I can not stress enough that if we have a stud we must play them unless we are splitting hairs between “known” studs. Be sure to always apply the guidelines and keep in mind that we have “Any Given Sunday” situations happening until the NFL hits its full stride.

Thank you for considering my personal charts as well as my players to either target or avoid. I look forward to publishing these throughout the season as part of my No Bullshit Content in an attempt to help us win now. It’s a tool, and we also know that sometimes tools aren’t as applicable in all situations, but I assure you, these charts work and will be especially convenient for all of us as the season rolls on.

Thank you as always for reading and feel free to find me on Twitter @HBogart27 for any follow-up questions or anything IDP. Or reach out at 


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