• The Top IDP Defensive Lineman Streamers Based Off Match-up

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    The injuries keep piling up on both sides of the football. Here I will cover the top IDP defensive lineman streamers for week 4.

    We are three games into the NFL season and have seen more injuries than any  of us could have anticipated for. Because of this we have been relegated to streaming options at every position. Seemingly the hardest position to stream because the talent fall off is so drastic. Here in these weekly articles I will be covering the best IDP defensive lineman streamers to help you get through your weeks.


    Leonard Floyd - Los Angeles Rams

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    2020 Stats: 8 tackles (5 solo), 2 tackles for a loss, 2 sacks and 4 QB hits.

    Week 4 Match-up: New York Giants

    Run Block Ranking: 32nd averaging 1.77 yards per carry with a stuff rate of 35%

    Pass Protection Ranking: 19th giving up 9 sacks with a 7.7% sack rate

    Leonard Floyd is finally starting to look at least a bit like the player he was drafted to be. He has filled in the Dante Fowler Jr. role nicely and has made his presence felt. There is always the luxury playing with Aaron Donald as he garners most of the attention across the line of scrimmage. Dante Fowler Jr. can attest to this as you can see by his production dip playing in

    Floyd has been on the field for 90.33% of the Rams defensive snaps. Outside of week two he has been super productive. In his two big games he not only got to the quarterback with two sacks and three QB hits but also accumulated seven tackles. The Giants are likely to try to get the run game going considering the line has been so bad, hoping to free up play action. Floyd could be very active in run defense in this one.

    Defensive End

    Ifeadi Odenigbo - Minnesota Vikings

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    2020 Stats: 7 tackles (5 solo) and 4 QB hits.

    Week 4 Match-up: Houston Texans

    Run Blocking Rank: 29th averaging 3.77 yards per carry with a stuff rate of 10%

    Pass Protection Rank: 32nd giving up 13 sacks at a 12.4% sack rate

    Leading up to 2020 expectations were quite high for Ifeadi ODenigbo after he finished 2020 with 13 tackles, three tackles for a loss, four sacks and seven QB hits over his last five games. Then the Vikings traded for Yannick Ngakoue which virtually killed Odenigbo's hype. Luckily for Odenigbo owners Danielle Hunter went on short term IR leaving the door open. Unfortunately Odenigbo has not lived up to his hype having yet to record a sack.

    In week four Odenigbo gets what is probably the worst offensive line to play against this week in the Texans who have given up a league worst 12.4% sack rate. Odenigbo finally showed some pass rushing life in week three coming up with four QB hits against the Titans. Plus their run blocking is ranked 29th though only have a stuff rate of 10%. What this tells me is that they run outside often and Odenigbo is solid at setting the edge and can pick up volume tackles as well.

    Carl Lawson - Cincinnati Bengals

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    2020 Stats: 14 tackle (7 solo), 2 tackles for a loss, 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble and 3 QB hits.

    Week 4 Match-up: Jacksonville Jaguars

    Run Blocking Rank: 8th averaging 4.68 yards per carry with a stuff rate of 11%

    Pass Protection Rank: 26th giving up 10 sacks at a 8.8% sack rate

    The Bengals are shaping up to have one of the deepest pass rushing groups in the NFL. Carl Lawson was looked at to be the next starting defensive end with Carlos Dunlap after a rookie season where he totaled 8.5 sacks and 21 QB hits. Unfortunately he was injured to start his rookie season and never was able to get going. Sam Hubbard came in and absolutely killed it his rookie season and Lawson was relegated to a back up role. He flourished in that role though with 5 sacks and 22 QB hits in 12 games.

    Lawson again is a in a depth role with the Bengals behind Dunlap and Hubbard but is still seeing on average 55.67% of the team's defensive snaps. He is coming off of a week three game where he totaled eight tackles, two sacks and two QB hits. He faces off against the Jaguars in week four who are ranked 26th in pass protection. The trio of Lawson, Hubbard and Dunlap should wreak havoc on Gardner Minshew leaving Lawson a solid IDP defensive lineman streamer.

    Defensive Tackle

    Maurice Hurst Jr. - Las Vegas Raiders

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    2020 Stats: 11 tackles (7 solo), 1 tackle for a loss, 0.5 sack and 4 QB hits.

    Week 4 Matchup: Buffalo Bills

    Run Blocking Rank: 21st averaging 4.09 yards per carry with a stuff rate of 19%

    Pass Protection Rank: 18th giving up 8 sacks at a 7.1% sack rate

    Maurice Hurst Jr. has been uninspiring after a solid rookie season. His second season was a failure to say the least only making four starts after making 10 his rookie season. Hurst started this season way behind Maliek Collins playing only 30% of snaps to Collins' 70%. Each week the percentage has shifted in Hurst's favor to the way of Hurst playing 43% to Collins' 58% in week three. Hurst played great in week three coming up with six tackles, one for a loss and a QH hit in week three and may garner even more snaps as Collins has been quite underwhelming.

    The Bills have a middle of the road offensive line but Josh Allen is an active quarterback on his feet and has a propensity to scramble. This could work in Hurst's favor to come up with a sack from behind. Hurst has been playing well in run defense as well and the Bills power running style should funnel directly towards Hurst.

    David Onyemata - New Orleans Saints

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    2020 Stats: 6 tackles (3 solo), 1 tackle for a loss, 1 sack and 2 QB hits.

    Week 4 Match-up: Detroit Lions

    Run Blocking Rank: 22nd averaging 4.04 yards per carry with a stuff rate of 20%

    Pass Protection Rank: 27th giving up 9 sacks at a 8.9% sack rate

    David Onyemata plays a nice rotational role for the Saints splitting downs with Malcom Brown. Brown plays on run downs mostly while Onyemata is in for more of the passing sets. He missed week three due to a calf injury but was coming off of a huge week two game where he put up five tackles, a tackle for a loss, a sack and two QB hits. He also was second on the team in defensive line snaps in week two with 64% behind only Cameron Jordan.

    Onyemata is going up against one of the least effective offensive lines in football so far this season against the Lions. This game has shootout potential with the Lions offense finally at full strength and the Saints reeling for a win. That means that Onyemata should play heavy snaps with good potential for return as an IDP defensive lineman streamer.


    K'Lavon Chaisson - Jacksonville Jaguars

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    2020 Stats: 6 tackles (4 solo), 1 tackle for a loss, 1 sack and 2 QB hits.

    Week 4 Match-up: Cincinnati Bengals

    Run Blocking Rank: 30th averaging 3.68 yards per carry with a stuff rate of 22%

    Pass Protection Rank: 29th giving up 14 sacks with a 9.5% sack rate

    K'Lavon Chaisson was one of the direct benefactors of the Yannick Ngakoue trade. He has yet to see a huge snap share since but has been effective in limited time. He has played on 44.7% of the team's defensive snaps so far this season. They will be going up against the Bengals who run the second most offensive plays per game in the league at 75 plays per game. Burrow just got out of a game where he was sacked eight times and the Jaguars are likely to bring the pressure as well and Chaisson is a great IDP defensive lineman sleeper.


    Here is the week four top IDP defensive lineman streamers. Last week I had a great success rate, missing only on my sleeper. I have been looking deep in depth each week at the match-ups, which opposing offensive lines have been the most vulnerable. This should help you win your weekly match-ups...Lets GO!

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