Thoughts From Thursday: Tom Brady Still Has “It”

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Tom Brady still has "it" and water is wet. What else is new?

Man, is it good to be back. (How many articles do you think will start off with that? It's ok for me to do it since I'm calling it out. Possibly) There's a lot to learn from the Buccaneers beating the Cowboys 31-29.

For now, I'm sure we can all agree that watching some Thursday Night Football again just feels so right. What a game we were treated to. Dak Prescott looked great after coming back from his injury and Tom Brady is still winning the fight against father time.

Again, water is wet.

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Head-to-toe, offensively both teams looked identical. They're in a sense, "variants" of each other from a personnel standpoint.

Now, I know that's just painting over a game of intricacies with broad strokes, but that's how it felt. Great captains of the ship — both Prescott and Brady — dueling throughout the first game of the season. Each had excellent weapons.

You could make an argument that both teams could be considered 1a) and 1b) in the receiver department. Even though both Mike Evans and Michael Gallup caught passes early on, they both fizzled out towards the second half. In Gallup's case, it was an injury that took him off the field. Evans struggled to catch the ball and had a few drops.


Story of Redemption

Throughout the game, there was a theme of players making up for past mistakes and impressively doing so.

Leonard Fournette

In the second quarter, Brady threw a short screen pass to Leonard Fournette which bounced out of his hands and into the hands of the Cowboys' Tre'von Diggs. Fournette continued doing well for the team afterward, including saving Brady from throwing another interception by making a spectacular catch near rookie Micah Parsons for a first down in the fourth quarter.

Chris Godwin

Godwin had an excellent game with 14 targets, over 100 yards, and 1 touchdown. However, in the fourth quarter, he gave up a costly fumble within the five-yard line. The turnover only cost the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a field goal on the other side, but it caused a lead change. Godwin made up for it by making a catch to put the team in a position to win the game with their own field goal.

Ceedee Lamb

This might be a reach for a redemption arch. Lamb had an exceptional game as a second-year wide receiver. There were a few drops in the first half that put a blemish on him, but the next drive he immediately went a scored a 22-yard touchdown.

Lamb ended the game similarly to Godwin with 15 targets, over 100 yards, and 1 touchdown.

Dak Prescott

I almost didn't mention Prescott, quarterback of the Cowboys. I didn't do so because of how spectacularly he played throughout the game. Prescott was as patient as Brady in the pocket and was willing to run after ending last year's season short with an awful ankle injury.

His confidence showed and Cowboy fans have nothing to fear.

Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown

For these two, the story isn't so much about redemption, but just proving they still got it. Gronkowski went eight for eight with two touchdowns and 90 yards.

Antonio Brown caught five balls on seven targets for a touchdown and 121 yards.

Both of these men still have it. Along with the man at the head of the table, Tom Brady.


Fantasy Outlook

At the end of the day, most of us won't be Cowboys or Buccaneers fans. We enjoy the game, play fantasy football, and want to know how the players on our teams performed as well as their outlook for the future.

Ceedee Lamb and Chris Godwin

If you have any Lamb or Godwin shares, get ready to reap the rewards all season. These two were heavily featured in their respective offenses and targeted constantly.

Amari Cooper

Cooper had a monster week as well and will be helping a lot of people win their first game. He helped Prescott throughout the game and shall continue to do so.

Ronald Jones

RoJo truthers, this was not the best game for your case. Jones did little while he was in-game and didn't play another snap after he fumbled. I would open trade talks once he has a successful week. It is going to be a split backfield and he rides the hot hand. Jones won't be the most consistent player in your lineup.

Ezekiel Elliott

For Elliott, even though it wasn't the best outing, I would not abandon ship yet. Although the numbers weren't great and you must have not liked seeing Tony Pollard get as many touches as he did, Elliott was still on the field for a good amount of the game.

He provided pass blocking on some of those snaps, but he was out there on the field and made some important protection plays.

Antonio Brown and Mike Evans

Brown and Evans seem as if they'll make better flex options than your go-to WR1 as of now. I'm not saying they won't provide value, but it seems as if their stat lines will be more erratic compared to Godwin.

Michael Gallup and Cedrick Wilson

Gallup looked fantastic in the first half with targets being drawn up for him and him making the most of them with beautiful catches. He, unfortunately, had to leave early due to an ankle injury. If this fears any of your league mates, I would go and make an offer for him.

In the meantime, Wilson is the man you want to pick up off the waiver wire. He was only targeted three times but he caught all three passes. Wilson would be a stash in a deeper league, especially if Gallup is expected to miss more time than we would hope.

Tom Brady and Dak Prescott

Both quarterbacks looked phenomenal. If you have either of them, your team will be alright — in either QB format. If this is the case for you, I would recommend going out and trading for one of their weapons as well if you have not done so already.


With this appetizer of a Thursday Night Football Game, I can't wait to see what Sunday will bring us. Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs the Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys lived up to the billing and provided us a bit more fantasy insight for the upcoming season.

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