Three Tips for Building Your Dynasty Football Team

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As we make the turn into July 2022 – we are officially on the brink of football training camp. For me, this is going to be the year to kick some tires and try building a Dynasty Football Team.

Participating in standard redraft leagues has been part of my football ritual for years. I have done it all from regular to unique individual defensive player (IDP). In addition to the norm, at this time of year, I actively shop for the best sportsbook sign up bonuses that quench my sports betting thirst!

Now, it is time to dominate the dynasty leagues for years to come. With this in mind, I am looking for some help. As I craft a battle plan, I feel that it is important to keep the below four points in mind. However, if I am missing anything, your thoughts and suggestions are welcomed!

1. Investing Time into College Saturdays

I get it! You simply can not take off on Saturdays. You need to spend time eyeballing potential talent for your dynasty football league. Understanding what is taking place on the Sunday gridiron is no longer par for the course. Keeping up with the college game is something that I have never taken seriously for a few reasons.

Mainly, I live in the New York area. An area that is loaded with professional sports teams and loses focus on college athletics. Moving forward, keeping tabs on the top college football prospects will be part of my weekly homework. Does anyone else have additional resources worth recommending?

2. Know Which Common Mistakes to Avoid

Knowing the most common dynasty fantasy football mistakes to avoid is a must! I would like to add a few additional strategies for consideration.

  1. Check on players who are going into their final contract. Motivated players with desires of landing the big payday are ones that I want on my team.
  2. Have significant changes have been made to an organizations offensive line. It does not matter what type of talent a team has. If they can not block you can not rack up fantasy points. I shy away from players on teams that have unproven offensive lines.
  3. New coaches need to be researched. It could take a few weeks for talented players to learn new systems which would deter me from picking them in a traditional re-draft league. This will not be the case in dynasty formats.

3. More Important Needs Than Running Back

When playing in redraft leagues, it is common to see running backs fly off the board early. No need to play into this concept when it comes to Dynasty Football. Running backs are just not that important in the long term. Their NFL shelf life is short, on average, and just feel that QBs and WRs are more important.

Of the top 17 wide receivers in 2021, 11 were 26 years of age or older. Such players offer more stability for dynasty teams, and you can always find a new player at the RB position. The college ranks and wavier wire offer plenty of opportunities. The NFL is a passing league and from a dynasty perspective — I will be focusing on stabilizing these positions before anything else.

Thank you for reading my article on NFL defenses for 2022. You can check out all of my gaming, sports investing, and general NFL HOT takes on my IDP Guys author page. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @MarcSaulino and follow @IDPGuys in an effort to stay informed about everything that is NFL relevant.

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I invented an alternative form of Fantasy Football called "StatementGames". Having fun writing about my experiences with trading sports cards, sports collectables & NFT’s in an effort to make up for Gambling losses.
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