• Tight End Ride Or Dynasty: Hot Targets or Tactical Decoys?

    Join the "Ride Or Dynasty" podcast team as we delve into the world of dynasty football tight end prospects. In this episode, hosts JJ Wenner and Joseph Harlow, along with Jameson Hutchinson, dissect the potential and pitfalls of rookie tight ends. Learn who could be your next dynasty cornerstone and who might just be a decoy in disguise. Plus, don't miss our exclusive insights on Brock Bowers, the tight end sensation, and other emerging talents in the field. Whether you're scouting for future stars or looking to avoid the hype traps, this episode is your guide to tight end dynasty strategy! πŸˆπŸŽ™οΈπŸ“ˆ #nfldraft #DynastyFootball #TightEndProspects #FantasyFootball #DynastyTargets #americanfootball #TightEndAnalysis

    β—† JJ Wenner, Joseph Harlow, and Jameson Hutchinson dive into tight end prospects.
    β—† Discussion on Brock Bowers and other top tight end talents.
    β—† Analysis of which tight ends could be impactful dynasty picks and which might be overhyped.
    β—† Tips and strategies for dynasty tight end scouting.
    β—† Insights from the IDP Plus Rookie Draft Guide and how it can enhance your fantasy draft strategy.

    β—† Intro - 00:00
    β—† Brock Bowers - 01:50
    β—† Ja'Tavion Sanders - 07:52
    β—† Theo Johnson - 10:30
    β—† Cade Stover - 14:46
    β—† Ben Sinnot - 16:00
    β—† Jared Wiley - 18:27
    β—† Jaheim Bell - 20:28
    β—† Best of the rest - 22:02
    β—† Dallin Holker - 22:19
    β—† Erick All - 22:26
    β—† Tip Reiman - 22:46
    β—† Tanner McLachlan - 23:00
    β—† AJ Barner - 23:23
    β—† Even Deeper Targets - 23:59

    Follow JJ Wenner on Twitter: @JJ_Wenner
    Joseph Harlow is available at: @Jolo63
    Catch up with Jameson Hutchinson: @JamesonRules

    In this Video: ( NFL Prospects, rookies, Dynasty Football, Tight End Prospects, Brock Bowers, Fantasy Football Strategy, Dynasty Draft Guide, Rookie Tight Ends, Fantasy Football Podcast, Dynasty Scouting, Football Analysis, Dynasty Targets.)

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