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  • Tight Ends to Buy and Sell (Dynasty Fantasy Football 2024)

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    Here’s a breakdown of the tight ends I'm buying and selling at their current ADP in dynasty fantasy football leagues for 2024.

    In dynasty fantasy football, managing your tight-end position is vital for long-term success, especially in tight-end premium leagues. Knowing which tight ends to invest in and which to trade away can be the difference between winning a championship and falling short. As a onesie position, making the right decisions here can provide the positional advantage needed to dominate your league!

    Tight Ends to Buy

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    1. Kyle Pitts, Atlanta Falcons

    Yes, we are back in on Pitts. Fantasy managers are well aware of Pitt's struggles over the last two seasons, but consider what he accomplished as a rookie. Pitts amassed 1,026 receiving yards on 68 catches in his rookie season. He finished TE8 for the year. Pitts has been in the league for three years, but he starts the 2024 season at the age of 23, which is younger than several of the rookies in this class.

    As a generational tight-end prospect, Pitts has the potential to transform the game. The Falcons are rebuilding, but as they solidify their quarterback situation by signing Kirk Cousins and drafting Michael Penix, Pitts is expected to be a focal point. We saw what Cousins did with Hockenson on the Vikings; can he do the same with Pitts in Atlanta?

    Drake London has had the most increase in ADP as a result of Cousins' arrival, whereas Pitts has seen only a minor increase. Pitts' owners have been burned by him over the previous two years and may be ready to move on from him out of irritation. Buying Pitts now could be a savvy move before his true potential is realized.

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    2. Pat Freiermuth, Pittsburgh Steelers

    Despite playing in a sometimes inconsistent Pittsburgh offense, Freiermuth has showcased his ability to be a go-to target, especially in the red zone. Plagued by injuries the last two years, Friermuth enters OTAs and the season healthy and ready to "prove himself."

    With the upgrade at quarterback, be it Russell Wilson or Justin Fields, and the improvement of the offensive line during the draft with Troy Fautanu and Zach Frazier, the offense should be able to be more productive. Add in the targets left by Dionte Johnson, who was traded to the Carolina Panthers, and Friermuth has the opportunity to be the number 2 in this new Steelers' offense. Buying Freiermuth now could pay dividends as he becomes a cornerstone of your dynasty roster.

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    3. Dalton Kincaid, Buffalo Bills

    We all have rookie fever, and Keon Coleman has captured the hearts of everyone with his down-to-earth attitude and personality, but let's not forget who already has an established connection with Josh Allen: Kincaid. With Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis being traded away, this offense has a ton of available targets heading into 2024. I expect Kincaid to get a huge increase in looks, as he was the 2nd on the team for targets before Digg's departure. Although he's the consensus TE4 in dynasty leagues, I could see a massive leap for Kincaid, and quite possibly the TE1.

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    4. Jelani Woods, Indianapolis Colts

    Jelani Woods missed all of last year due to hamstring issues, but he's spent the past year addressing them and getting stronger and healthier than ever. The Colts coaching staff has been singing his praises during OTAs, with Head Coach Shane Steichen leading the chorus of rave reviews.

    “Finally getting to see him, I mean, I saw him a little bit in training camp; he got the injury, but to see how long he is and how he can run vertical threat, there are different things you can do with him. It’s good to have him out there.

    Woods is 6'7'' and 253 pounds, yet he still runs a 4.61 40. He's huge and fast. Anthony Richardson will also be back this season after suffering a shoulder injury during his rookie season. Better QB, better offense, and the opportunity to have a huge impact on this ascending offense. I'm buying before the breakout.

    Tight Ends to Sell

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    1. David Njoku, Cleveland Browns

    This ultimately hinges on QB play for Njoku. If we see a Deshaun Watson bounceback after he played through injury and put up disappointing stats, then this take may be wrong. If we see the same QB, then Njoku is a sell for me. Njoku had a breakout season last year with Joe Flacco, who is no longer with the Browns.

    The Browns also added Jerry Jeudy (take that as you will) in the offseason, which could also compromise Njoku's target share. Njoku is an athletic monster; even playing the same week, he suffered severe burns to his face. He excels in yards after the catch and always gives maximum effort. My concern, however, lies with the overall offense, which could be hampered by Watson. The team also faces a tough defensive schedule that might limit Njoku's production. I'm selling before the decline.

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    2. Cole Kmet, Chicago Bears

    The Bears have seriously loaded up on their offense, making it tough to imagine Kmet getting the same target love he did last year. The receiver room is packed! They've still got D.J. Moore, traded for Keenan Allen, and drafted Rome Odunze. Plus, they signed D'Andre Swift and Gerald Everett. Can we expect a rookie QB to keep all these guys fantasy-relevant? Those three receivers are super talented and will hog more targets than Kmet. I'm selling Kmet before this happens on the premise of what he did last year.

    3. Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs

    This might ruffle some feathers, but stick with me. Travis Kelce is still the king of tight ends, but in dynasty leagues, age is a big deal. At 34, Kelce's long-term value is dropping. Here’s the kicker: his value is already sliding, but if you trade him to a championship-hungry team in need of a tight end, you can score a sweet deal. Selling Kelce while he’s still producing lets you cash in big before his value drops even more. The decline is coming, so planning to keep your team competitive means trading Kelce now for the best return before his inevitable fall.


    In conclusion, managing your tight-end position effectively in dynasty fantasy football is crucial for sustained success, especially in tight-end premium leagues. Spotting the right tight ends to buy or sell can give you a leg up on your rivals. Investing in young, high-potential players like Kyle Pitts, Pat Freiermuth, Dalton Kincaid, and Jelani Woods can set your team up for long-term success.

    These players have the talent and opportunities to become cornerstone pieces of your roster. On the other hand, selling high on players like David Njoku, Cole Kmet, and even the legendary Travis Kelce can help you maximize your team's value and avoid the pitfalls of declining performance. Make savvy moves and stay ahead of the game to keep your dynasty team rocking for years to come.

    If you need a new team name for your dynasty make sure to check out my team name series here, or hit me up on X to talk fantasy at bfoxworth07. 

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