Tipster Live: Post-Week Two IDP Notes, Disappointments And Developing Scenarios Heading Into Week Three

The IDP Tipster went Live on Wednesday, Sept 19 hitting on general IDP notes as well as Week Two disappointments and Developing Scenarios

In this segment of “The IDP Tipster Live”, we hit the hot topic of Falcon’s MLB Duke Riley from some die-hard Atlanta Fans perspective on his progress. As well as multiple player IDP notes covering the questions and developments post Week Two.

This hard-hitting segment’s topics also included…

Some of the NFL team’s Linebacker rotations to avoid.

Rookie LB let downs in Week Two.

Miami DT Davon Godchaux shows up despite deep rotation.

Injuries likely putting safeties Rashaan Gaulden & Jordan Whitehead in play.

And capping it off with what to do with Sean Lee and his situation.

Along with so many other NFL players and IDP knowledge being thrown in that you’ll just have to watch it “Live” in order to apprehend it all. So check out the segment and compare those IDP notes to the current scenarios across the NFL IDP landscape for our fantasy football purposes.

All while in collaboration with the IDP Guys, Nate, and Johny The Greek at the helm of it all. And where the mainstream media “takes” can’t touch the No BullShit Content coming at you as we guide IDP owners into winning with the defensive side of fantasy football.

So be sure to catch “The IDP Tipster Live” as I drop all the IDP knowledge I got to offer on periscope via Twitter.

And again on Sundays at 11:00 am eastern in collaboration with “The IDP Tipster Live” producers Nate and Jon of the renowned and original IDP Guys Podcast controlling the behind the scene chaos.

And as always feel free to locate me on Twitter @HBogart27 for anything IDP and follow-up questions on anything as well. Thanks for joining me on “The IDP Tipster Live”.

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