Tipster’s Takes Week 10 – 2 Rookies, 2 Goats, 1 Ghost

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The IDP Tipster is back with The IDP Guys for 2022! Welcome to Tipster’s Takes Week 10!

This is Tipster’s Takes Week 10, the @IDPTipster‘s weekly update, and IDP hot takes. These are the latest NFL defensive scenarios and how I see them playing out, laid out, and heading into the next matchups with a general take on the situation. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are the Tipster’s Takes Week 10.

First Rookie

Reportedly, the Giant’s rookie safety Dane Belton is going to get his first shot to play a major role. As you may have heard, strong safety Xavier McKinney (Hand) is out for a while. And from a dynasty and playoff run perspective, it’s worth talking about. Because if you’re making a playoff push in deeper leagues, the next match is hot.

The Browns like to run the ball and in the box is where Belton is likely to spend quite a bit of time in, or running to. After that, this is a deep Week 10 reach only, because it falls off considerably in matchup strength. That’s unless he’s got an advantage somehow we haven’t seen.

The interesting part of a dynasty outlook. And not expecting a ton of production right now. At least based on what Xavier McKinney’s recorded so far this season. But more about how he’ll grade and look on film for future reference. And we all have the inside info that if the tandem was Belton and Xavier in 2023. It’s Jordan Love’s position Belton would likely be playing. And in this secondary, that’s the position that produces by default. And normally, it doesn’t take a high-end talent to get it done. So yep, we might want to keep tabs on this, no matter what Dane Delton does the rest of the season.

Second Rookie

There is rookie gold up in Detriot. And it comes in the form of late third-round pick Kerby Joseph
. And I’m not talking just about his recent production. Which has been stellar and consistent versus the matchups. Nope, I’m talking about his film and elite scoring in such a small sample, considering.

My big question for the future, and of course, now Joseph has a concussion. Are you watching the waiver wire in dynasty leagues? Because Tracy Walker (IR) managers holding onto him, should be point-blank nervous. And he shouldn’t be sitting in any dynasty leagues if we can help it. Not that Walker isn’t good too. But by the number, Joseph looks like the way better dynasty option as far as schematics for the Lions.

First Goat

Needing an old goat you can trust for a playoff run in standard to shallow formats? The Steelers Myles Jack isn’t only on pace to shatter his career combined tackle ceiling. But he’s got three hot matchups in a row, versus the Saints, Bengals, and Colts. All three top 10 matchups are on paper for inside linebacker production. So at worse, his floor is his average in your league, and his ceiling is well above it. And beyond that, he’s not underachieved yet this season, no matter the opponent.

Second Goat

How about another old goat at safety with a nice run coming up in matchups? And even if he’s been in the league for years, he’s only been relevant in recent history. And after getting hurt earlier in the season. The Cowboy’s Jayron Kearse will make some lucky IDP managers really happy in shallower formats. He’s back on the pace he was last year, with 16 total tackles, and numerous splash plays. Padding an already hot combined tackle baseline in the last two contests.

What changed from his slow start back in Week 5? Well, it’s simple. Kearse had a lingering neck injury back at the beginning. So when that’s what knocked him out with a bonus knee injury. They brought him back slowly. Especially knowing they had other safeties to cover the hot role in this secondary unit.

So knowing he has the Packers and that’s a strong matchup, I’m looking now to add him before someone else does. But here’s what we’ll keep in mind. This role I keep mentioning, it’s special. And in Dan Quinn’s system is a focal point that’s become matchup-proof. And as a bonus this year, Donovan Wilson (Q) has managed more production at the other safety position. Of course, that’s after they slowly transitioned back in Week 5.

The Ghost

So, other than New England fans. Are there any IDP managers out there who knew they had a linebacker playing the majority of the snaps by the name of Jahlani Tavai? There is. He’s a former Lion and apparently, father and son Belichick’s favorite or something. And part of the reason we don’t know about him, besides the fact no one had a clue he’d surface? He’s only recorded minimal status. With his best outlier contest only sitting at 8 combined tackles versus the packer a long time ago.

The reason we’re bringing this up? Simple, we had another ghost sitting in Week 9 when he recorded his second third best contest with five combined. So we don’t want to see his inflated numbers via the very strong matchup versus the Colts. To have anyone chasing ghost production when there is a sighting of Tavai occasionally. Even in the deepest darkest reaches of formats.

Thank you for reading my Tipster’s Takes Week 10 article! If you are interested, catch more of my fantasy football and NFL content on Twitter at @TheIDPTipster, or find all my future IDP Guys content at Let’s chat! I’ll always find time to talk defensive player football.

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