Tipster’s Takes Week 13 – The Rookie Forecast

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The IDP Tipster is back with The IDP Guys for 2022! Welcome to Tipster’s Takes Week 13!

Welcome back for the Tipster’s Takes Week 13, the @IDPTipster’s weekly update, and fantasy football hot takes. So whatever the latest NFL defensive scenarios are. Here’s how he sees them playing out, laid out, and heading into the next matchup or season off-season with a general smoking take on the IDP situation. So without further ado, here are the Tipster’s Takes for Week 13 — the Rookie Forecast.

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Thank you for reading my Tipster’s Takes Week 13 – The Rookie Forecast! If you are interested, catch more of my fantasy football and NFL content on Twitter at @TheIDPTipster, or find all my future IDP Guys content at Let’s chat! I’ll always find time to talk defensive player football.

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