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  • Tipster’s Takes Week 17 – IDP Free Agency Safety Primer

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    The IDP Tipster is back with The IDP Guys for 2022! Welcome to Tipster's Takes Week 17!

    IDP Free Agency Safety Primer

    Let's take this opportunity to get in a quick hot take or two on the 2023 IDP free-agency situation at a quick glance. It's not that far off, and from what I saw, It's worth bringing up because this NFL offseason could quickly get interesting.

    Like the Linebacker Primer last week, plenty of notable 2023 safeties will be IDP-free agents. I will note the specific ones that interest me the most as some sort of fantasy football value, from either the player or the position that might be vacated when said player leaves. As I've said before, for every IDP free agency action that happens, there is a reaction down the line that somehow would make an IDP impact down the line.

    Tipster's Take Week 17

    Duron Harmon, Strong Safety

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    This time around, I'm more interested in the Raiders' SS role that could be vacated, than I am in Duron Harmon. I suppose, for redraft purposes, it could have some shine to it if Harmon resigns. He has had a good year considering he's had a mediocre IDP career. But Harmon does seem to fit in well with whatever the Raiders were trying to do this season.

    And we know this position just had an upper tier one safety performance as recently as 2021. Before the former drafted Raider, Jonathon Abram was booted. And granted his release this past year for underperforming. And notably, has bounced to a couple of teams with no positive hits.

    So if we want a great NFL dynasty option out of Vegas. We wouldn't mind a couple of these younger IDP free agency options listed. Or perhaps a rookie will be added, which would open an even deeper dynasty window for IDP managers to look into. And has to have whoever it is. A rookie, a free agent, or even Harmon. Back on our tier-one safety radar as a later value option in 2023.

    Deshon Elliott, Free Safety

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    This one is more of a special mention than anything. Because the odds that the Lions won't resign Deshon Elliott after his last one-year deal is very, very slim. But it isn't off the table with 2022 rookie Kerby Joseph and Tracy Walker (IR) still under contract. And we already know that whoever plays this deeper safety position by name will produce. And be deployed by the Lions as a key player on this defense when scheming packages up near the box.

    Julian Love, Free Safety

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    The only way we see Julian Love vacating the Giants via the 2023 IDP free agency is hell or high water hit. Or someone scooped up the Giant's fourth-year player. After having a noticeable breakout year playing the Giant's golden IDP FS position.

    And this Tipster's Takes Week 17 news flash isn't a new one, either. We knew former FS Logan Ryan made his biggest impact in fantasy football playing this position. And projected accordingly heading into this season, whoever played the role. But next year, whether it's Love resigning or someone else. This position with the Giants might be the hottest on the list because of its years of DB consistency. 

    Donovan Wilson, Strong/Free Safety

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    With the Cowboys, the safety position is a weekly gold mine of IDP production. They have the pass rush, the linebackers, and everything else they need to funnel production to their safety tandems. So the real question is, with Donovan Wilson, has he out-priced himself for the Cowboys?

    Or will someone else fill this highly productive safety role that DC Dan Quinn loves to play up close to the line a lot? Because if it's Wilson, we're sold. If he's somewhere else, that'll take seeing where that might be first before we give Wilson a little more credit and see how he does in someone else system.

    Vonn Bell, Strong Safety

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    Again, we don't see the Bengals letting the 2023 IDP free agency end without resigning Vonn Bell. But if this strong safety position would open up for some reason. Whoever is the next man up via the draft (likely) or in free agency. It will carry a high draft and trade value soon enough. So try to keep one step ahead and get whoever it is. And before he repeats the DB1 status, Bell has had a key role in this Bengal's defensive scheme.

    Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Free Safety

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    This is a double-sided IDP free-agency sword in Philly. Because of course, we're chasing Chauncey Gardner-Johnson where ever he lands. But when it comes to the position vacated in Philidelphia, if they let him leave. A role that did not have any recent history of producing well. Or after Gardner-Johnson landed on injured reserves. Leaves us a bit stalled on the idea that anyone else will play the position as C.J. would.

    Terrell Edmunds, Strong Safety

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    Our hardest split decision to make is whether it's all Terrell Edmunds. Or the way that the Pittsburgh Steelers screw with the strong safety's role. But whatever it's been, over the years Edmunds has been there, it's not pretty. The production has barely existed, and when it has been there for small stretches. It's been way too inconsistent to even think about suggesting going there.

    So who knows, maybe a change for the player and the position might help somehow. And our guess is if we picked one to follow over the other? Terrell Edmunds somewhere else would be the better bet at this point if we're going to follow either. And this particular scenario in this Tipster's Takes Week 17. Well, it might be the one that ends up going nowhere whether Edmunds moves on or not.

    Marcus Epps, Strong Safety

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    It must be something about Pennsylvania. But there isn't any recent history of production via the Eagles at strong safety, either. And Marcus Epps, who had a chance to change that this season, is just an average Joe when it's all said and done. And now we think he may have only got the starting gig because of two things. The coaches love him and his veteran presence.

    No history for a player to work off of, an average Joe in the spotlight. I'll pass on both. There are so many defensive backs flooding the player pool nowadays. So don't be looking in Pennsylvania for a safety IDP if his name isn't Minkah Fitzpatrick.

    Thank you for reading my Tipster's Takes Week 17 – League Losers And Missed Opportunities! And if you're interested, catch more of me and my NFL and defensive fantasy football on Twitter at @TheIDPTipster, or find all my future IDP Guys content at IDPGuys.org

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