Tipster’s Takes Week 4 – Streams, Holds, and Intros

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The IDP Tipster is back with The IDP Guys for 2022! Welcome to Tipster’s Takes Week 4!

This is the @IDPTipster‘s weekly update and IDP (Individual Defensive Player) hot takes. These are the latest NFL defensive scenarios and how I see them playing out, laid out, and heading into Week 4 with a general take on the situation. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are Tipster’s Takes Week 4!

Tipster’s Takes Week 4

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Thank you for reading my Tipster’s Takes Week 4 article! If you are interested, catch more of my fantasy football and NFL content on Twitter at @TheIDPTipster, or find all my future IDP Guys content at Let’s chat! I always find time to talk defensive player football.

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