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    The IDP Tipster is back with The IDP Guys for 2022! Welcome to Tipster’s Takes Week 6!

    This is the @IDPTipster‘s weekly update and IDP (Individual Defensive Player) hot takes. These are the latest NFL defensive scenarios and how I see them playing out, laid out, and heading into Week 6 with a general take on the situation. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are Tipster’s Takes Week 6!

    Tipster’s Takes Week 6

    Perfect Timing!

    After talking up the resurgence of Brown’s safety John Jonson. I looked around and there he was, the Jaguar’s FS DB Rayshawn Jenkins. Another safety that had previously produced well. And also made a switch of teams in the offseason of 2021. With the same kinda deal too. The teams wanted Jenkins to come in and take over running their secondaries on the field. And one last time, and just like Johnson. It’s made a hell of a difference from year one, to year two with their new organizations to hit their strides.

    Jenkins is likely sitting comfortably among most league’s top 32 DBs right now. With three solid to strong games and one serviceable performance, after starting Week 1 out rough. So he’s now averaging around four solos and about 1.5 assists a game. And adding a few outlier statistics, like an interception. And one outlier game with four passes defended.

    Those numbers might not seem that impressive. But this year. His resurgence, after getting control of his secondary his first year there. It’s all perfect timing considering those numbers getting him in the top 32. Especially when so many other higher profiles are struggling to hit their marks. And IDP fantasy football managers are entering this long stretch of fantasy football NFL bye-weeks.

    Late Bloomer?

    What’s gotten into Broncos edge rusher Bradley Chubb this year? I mean, excuse the shock. But where’s this been all this time? Well, let’s do a quick recap and remind ourselves real quick.

    Chubb was high a profile pass rusher out of college. And drafted as such, and he went on to have a stellar rookie year. Recording nearly 60 tackles in total, with 14 tackles for a loss and 12 sacks. Landing him in the top 10 that season among the edge rushers in many leagues.

    Unfortunately after that, since his 2018 rookie season. He’s only had one season with more than seven games due to various injuries. Granted that one 14-game season in 2020 did give us hope. But for the most part, in a lot of formats. He’s gone undrafted and sits on waiver wires because of those unfortunate injuries.

    Enter this past offseason. And Chubb saw the Broncos sign former Cowboy edge rusher Randy Gregory. And from where we sit, that’s exactly where 90% of the focus immediately went. With little to no mention of any great expectations reported this year on Chubb. But yet, here we sit after we watched Chubb going to the bye and bye in most redrafts. And he now has 5.5 sacks and 17 total tackles. Boosting his backfield numbers with four tackles for a loss and has forced two fumbles. Hence the question. Is he a late Bloomer? Or more importantly? Will it last?

    Chubb isn’t a late bloomer, he’s far from it. He’s just a former fifth-overall pick who’s been on the shelf a lot. And he sure looks way healthier right now than people may have thought. And we needed this if he’s available still because for now, he deserves another shot.

    Uh-Oh 🙁

    Well, IDP fans, we all got what we wanted. Or at least the answer to what we were wondering about. The Packers are willing to change and use two inside linebackers at the same time now. And as a bonus, for the majority of all the snaps too. Because after they resigned, De’Vondra Campbell. And followed that up by drafting Quay Walker in the first round. We really had questions based on the recent history, if they would.

    But as always we need to keep in mind, there is only so much production to go around. And as Adrian Amos‘s managers have watched. His 100% snap count to IDP production translation this year has been cut in half. He’s nowhere on the pace at this point to match what he got last year. Enter Walker and his demand for a piece of the IDP production pie.

    Back to Campbell, and the fact that Walker is a real treat to his former top-10 linebacker stature. Because what they’ve done, is reduced the number of snaps to the secondary by one. And gave Walker the green light to get those tackles in the box where Amos use to get his. And it’s looking like Campbell is starting to share his portion too. Because Walker is also pretty good in coverage.

    So, uh-oh. That used to be a big part of Campbell’s top-tier IDP production too. At least in the terms of always being schemed in a position to be around the ball all the time.

    Quick Tip!

    Go take a look at your league’s IDP-free agents. I recently got the chance and was pretty amazed at who was available. And that includes my deeper formats. But while I was there looking. I noticed a ton of rookie cornerbacks coming up on the waiver wire. And they had better recent three-week stretch averages than many corners sitting in our league’s current lineups.

    I’ve always suggested streaming corners. And this year it seems there are more options than normal. And we never should get stuck on names anyhow. But in almost every league this guy has played in, the cornerbacks rule the IDP waiver wire. At least in terms of having plenty of viable options to pick from. What I like to refer to as, their always a dime for a dozen. And something to take advantage of.

    Thank you for reading my Tipster’s Takes Week 6 article! If you are interested, catch more of my fantasy football and NFL content on Twitter at @TheIDPTipster, or find all my future IDP Guys content at IDPGuys.org. Let’s chat! I’ll always find time to talk defensive player football.

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