Top 11 Free Agent Quarterbacks for 2024

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We will be discussing the top 11 free-agent quarterbacks for 2024. Where they will end up this upcoming season will have huge effects for their team, their own fantasy performance, and their teammates as well. Where do you want to see these quarterbacks land?

With some great rookie talent coming into the NFL, the veterans have their shot first to land on the team they hope to make an impact. Where they land will play a huge factor for your dynasty football team as well as redraft. We will discuss their value and rumored places they may land. We will update you when they sign with a team and give you an analysis of how this affects your fantasy team. Let's get to those free agent Quarterbacks!

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Russell Wilson Age 35

With the latest news of the Denver Broncos willing to take on the dead cap hit, Russell now becomes one of the most sought-after quarterbacks this upcoming Free Agency. The potential Future Hall of Famer is on the tail end of his career and more of a stopgap for any NFL team and your dynasty team. He has only been a good QB2 in a Super Flex format and should still be a great QB2 going forward. I do expect teams to give him a shot since he will most likely be on a minimum veteran contract.

Update: Russell Wilson has agreed to sign a one year, $1.2 million contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He will have the chance to compete for the starting quarterback job against Kenny Pickett. This gives Russell a low end QB2 ranking for Superflex formats in 2024. Should allow players like Najee Harris, Diontae Johnson and George Pickens stronger fantasy value.
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Kirk Cousins Age 36

The top quarterback in free agency, Kirk Cousins is coming off a pretty brutal injury with a torn Achilles. Even though he is going through the rehab process, he seems to be on pace and should be ready for training camp. Prior to the injury, Cousins has been QB11 or better since 2020. He has strong value in dynasty formats (Superflex) and for teams that are in a win-now mode or a great late draft pick in redraft. The perfect scenario is for Kirk to stay in Minnesota where I believe he has his strongest value.

Update: Kirk Cousins has agreed to sign with the Atlanta Falcons for a 4-year deal. This brings stability at the quarterback position. Cousins still will be considered a fringe QB1 in redraft and solid starting QB in dynasty formats. The value increases as well for Drake London, Kyle Pitts and Bijan Robinson.
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Baker Mayfield Age 28

It will be interesting where Baker lands this upcoming free agency. Baker played well enough that he deserves a contract and a starting gig. Where he lands will absolutely determine his fantasy value. What made Baker great last year was the offensive scheme, having two great receivers in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, while also having an emerging Rachaad White helped. Mayfield was QB10 last season, and his value is at his highest in dynasty at this time. Rumors of him landing in New England do worry me for his value due to the lack of offensive weapons and the new coaching regime.

Update: Baker Mayfield has signed a 3-year worth $100 million with $50 million guaranteed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Great news for Baker and also great news for the recently re-signed Mike Evans. This places consistency as well as Baker as a very high upside QB2 with low end QB1 possibility in redraft and dynasty.
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Potential Starters

Ryan Tannehill Age 35

Tannehill is coming off a disappointing season throwing 7 interceptions in 9 games which is not common for him. Losing his job to the rookie Will Levis, Tannehill is coming into this season looking to land a starting job or at least competing for one. His value in Dynasty is only for 12-man Superflex leagues that need to fill in a QB2 spot or depth. Where he lands could change his "potential starter'" title to only deep stash leagues. In redraft, this free agent Quarterback doesn't have any value.].

Possible Destinations: Pittsburgh Steelers or Minnesota Vikings
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Gardner Minshew Age 27

Now I have Gardner as a potential starter which may seem a bit off, but he has proven he could be a nice journeyman starter for a team that is drafting a rookie this season, allowing them to develop. He sort of did that in Indy when filling in for the injured Anthony Richardson. Sure, had Richardson not gotten hurt, Minshew would not have played but he did play well enough to get his first Pro Bowl and earn some money this off-season. His value in fantasy is absolutely for 12-man teams or larger in a Super Flex format.

Update: Gardner Minshew agreed to a 2-year $25 million contract with the Las Vegas Raiders. He will now have the chance to compete for the starting job with Aidan O'Connell. As for fantasy purposes, currently holding onto Minshew is the best decision. He could end up having some value after pre-season.
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Deep Stashes/Depth

Tyler Huntley Age 26

Huntley has become one of the better backups in the league. He made a Pro Bowl in 2022 while playing for an injured Lamar Jackson. Huntley should resign with Baltimore, which is perfect, he knows this offensive scheme very well and has a similar skillset to Lamar that the offense transitions easily. As for his dynasty value, he's a great stack for any team that has Lamar or is in need of depth and has the space.

Possible Destinations: Baltimore Ravens
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Jameis Winston Age 30

Now I personally would love to see Jameis Winston on a team where he can actually have a shot to compete for the starting role. With that said, I don't have him under a potential starter due to the fact I'm not sure he will sign with a team that will give him that chance. In 2021 and 2022, he was a great option to have on your team when he filled in for the injured Andy Dalton. He has the arm talent and experience to be a great depth piece to your dynasty team but don't have high expectations that you will put him in your lineup.

Possible Destinations: Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots or Denver Broncos
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Jacoby Brissett Age 31

There is still a chance Brissett lands in the right spot to compete for the starting role as a mentor. Until free agency happens, I have Brissett as a depth player to have on your dynasty team. His value is almost droppable but with rumors of him possibly landing in Minnesota or staying in Washington, he could start for some games before the rookie is ready.

Update: Jacoby Brissett signs a one-year deal with the New England Patriots. Bringing him back to potentially back up a rookie that New England may draft. He is a great insurance policy with potential starting attributes this upcoming season. Currently hold onto him in dynasty. No value in redraft at the moment.
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Mason Rudolph Age 28

I'm not sure if Rudolph gets signed anywhere but of the "droppable" quarterbacks, I have him ranked as my highest. He has shown some flashes and performed well in the little bit he played last season. He will most likely end up as a possible third-string role which if that's the case, he shouldn't be rostered in any dynasty leagues.

Possible Destinations: Las Vegas Raiders or Chicago Bears
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Sam Darnold Age 26

Being one of the younger quarterbacks in free agency and a previous first pick overall, Darnold still has some value in free agency. He could resign with the 49ers and continue to learn behind a Shanahan offense and fill if Brock Purdy gets hurt. I actually believe he leaves and lands in a place like Cleveland or Seattle. As for dynasty, he shouldn't be rostered unless you're in a super deep league.

Update: Sam Darnold agreed to a one year deal with the Minnesota Vikings. He could receive up to $10 million which places him a potential stop gap or very high end back up quarterback. With uncertainty going into the draft, Sam Darnold's value has increased as a potential starter for 2024.
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Drew Lock Age 27

Lock is one of the quarterbacks I truly am not sure where he lands. He could be a solid backup and fill in for a game or two. Of course, for dynasty, he has no true value even in Super Flex formatted leagues. I do think because of his age of 27, he will have some value in the NFL and maybe on the right team be there for a while.

Possible Destinations: Buffalo Bills

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