• Top 12 Dynasty Running Back Rankings for 2024

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    From rookies to aging stars, let's take an early look at the top 12 dynasty Running Back Rankings for 2024!

    Right now it’s a really weird time for the running back position, especially when talking about 2024 dynasty rankings. Once the coveted crown jewel of the NFL, now they’re viewed as replaceable and the position franchises are reluctant to financially invest in.

    On the other hand, the running back position is still the most coveted position in fantasy. Championships are won on the shoulders of the running back but unfortunately, it's also one of the hardest positions to predict due to the constant turnover and injuries.

    Fantasy studs like Nick Chubb, rookie gems like Keaton Mitchell, and there are guys like Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette who are just a couple of years removed from being top 10 backs. There are also those frustrating timeshares like Aaron Jones and AJ Dillion. What the heck happened to promising backs like Miles Sanders and Dameon Pierce?

    We’re going to talk about the top 12 dynasty running backs that should be on your radar, some are stars and some will be.

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    12. Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans

    King Henry is the definition of reliable. No matter how the Titans perform Henry is going to do numbers, and this year was no different. This season Henry toted the rock 280 times and was running as hard in Week 18 as he was in Week 1. A human battering ram, we know the power but Henry is a lot more elusive than he gets credit for, and he has enough speed to break those long high-scoring runs.

    Henry has rushed for over a thousand yards in five of his last six seasons, in that span he’s only missed 9 games and 8 of those were in 2021. So Henry has been reliable for fantasy owners, a consistent start who’s gotten more involved in the passing game also, something once viewed as a weakness of his. The thing is Henry is 30 years old, which is typically when backs start declining. Henry is a free agent this year so he’ll be in a different backfield under a different scheme next year, which leads to questions. Will he be locked into a timeshare? Could his carries take a hit? We need answers!

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    11. D’Andre Swift - Philadelphia Eagles

    Swift has picked up right where Miles Sanders left off in the Eagles backfield. Swift played the most games this year he ever has in his entire career, got the most carries he’s ever had and Swift produced 1,049 yards on 229 carries. Something about those Georgia running backs, they just translate. Swift is still just 24 years old and he’s now in a scheme where he’s the feature guy, behind one of the best offensive lines in the league.

    Barring injury, Swift should continue to produce more and more as he enters his prime, and playing with Jalen Hurts doesn’t hurt. Out of all these backs, it feels like Swift flies under the radar. He could still be available in the second and third rounds, but could also spearhead your squad to a title.

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    10. De'Von Achane - Miami Dolphins

    Achane is a strong nod for fastest running back in the league and he has been a valuable addition to the Dolphins backfield. Veteran Raheem Mostert filled in admirably when counted on and had his first 1,000-yard season, but at 31 you have to imagine the torch will be passed in the next two years. Achane was linked to the Dolphins before they even chose him in the NFL Draft, his explosiveness and sheer speed in Miami’s system were a perfect match.

    Achane is a home run hitter, racking up 800 yards on 103 carries. Just to break it down that’s almost eight yards per carry. This offseason it will be big on Achane to put on some more weight, as he’s got to show that he can handle the rigors of being a three-down back for an entire NFL season. He could be top five on this list next season. He's certainly earned his spot in this top 12 dynasty running backs list!

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    9. James Cook - Buffalo Bills

    The Cook family produces really good running backs. Cook waited patiently for his opportunity in Buffalo, and this year they finally let James Cook behind that physical offensive line. Cook is the perfect compliment to Josh Allen, someone who can pick up yards running in between the tackles, or can scat to the outside and turn it upfield.

    He’s also a safety net for check-downs in the passing game. Cook is a gamer, he’s racked up 1,122 yards on 237 carries. The only knock is we need to see him touch pay dirt more often, as he’s only got four career rushing touchdowns right now.

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    8. Kyren Williams - Los Angeles Rams

    The second-year back took the league by storm this year, talk about a leap from year one to year two. After serving as Cam Akers' backup for a season, Williams was given the feature role and is currently third in the NFL with 1,144 yards, and he hasn’t suited up since Week 12. He should be back stronger than ever from the ankle injury, and he doesn’t have any challengers for touches in the Rams backfield.

    Williams is the guy, as he was up to 228 carries before the injury. He is explosive in the open field, and he’s tough to bring down. He also proved he has a nose for the end zone with 12 touchdowns in 12 games.

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    7. Jonathan Taylor - Indianapolis Colts

    From a pure talent standpoint, Taylor stacks up against any back on this list. Taylor is also possibly the most frustrating if he’s on your team. I’ve heard people say your best ability is availability, and Taylor has only played a total of 21 games. When he’s on the field Taylor is a game changer, as he’s by far the most explosive player on the Colts offense. The Colts make it a priority to feed their franchise back when available.

    Taylor was RB1 in fantasy just two years ago when he posted over 1800 yards. He still scored seven touchdowns on the ground this year, that's more than the majority of the players on this list. We saw glimpses of what a backfield with rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson and Taylor could look like, they could be a very serious problem for the league.

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    6. Saquon Barkley - New York Giants

    Barkley is the latest prototype for elite running back prospects to be compared to, as he’s got that rare blend of speed, power, and explosiveness. A true three-down back who can run, catch, and block, Barkley’s contract situation with the New York Giants was a red flag. Now that they’ve coughed up the bag, we have some stability around Barkley, and he’s also been relatively healthy the last two seasons.

    Last year he was a major factor in the Giants' resurgence and the development of Daniel Jones, as the Giants realized their offense doesn’t go without Barkley. After Jones went down, defenses freely stacked the box against Barkley and rookie signal-caller Tommy DeVito. The passing game has to be a threat to open things up for Barkley. Barring injury Barkley will be the focal point of the Giants' offense for the next several years, and a staple on top 12 running backs lists like this one.

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    5. Breece Hall - New York Jets

    Hall really shined in year two as the feature back, as he came back stronger after a season-ending injury seven games into his rookie campaign. This season was supposed to be a monumental one for the Jets, and when Aaron Rodgers went down the run game became more important than ever. Hall has the talent and the rep potential to be a force on your dynasty team for years to come. Hall has zero competition in the backfield for touches. Dalvin Cook is out of the way, they got rid of Zonovan Knight and Michael Carter as well.

    Hall is the guy. He handled 223 carries this season, without missing a game, so the durability is there. One thing you don’t love is he only scored one more touchdown than last season on the ground, but the Jets offense also just didn’t score a lot as a unit. On the other side Hall was way more involved in the passing game this year. He quadrupled his receiving touchdowns from a year ago, and with the return of Aaron Rogers things will open up and there will be a lot more scoring opportunities. I think that will push Hall into another tier.

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    4. Travis Etienne - Jacksonville Jaguars

    Travis Etienne has put together two consecutive 1,000-yard seasons. I love that he more than doubled his rushing touchdowns, he found the endzone 11 times and had a couple of games with multiple touchdowns. He also saw a career high in carries, the Jaguars offense as a whole took a step back but they definitely relied on Etienne a lot more.

    He’s another player who doesn’t really have any competition for touches, and the Jags are really creative in getting Etienne the football out in space. Etienne became a bigger target for Trevor Lawrence, he snagged 23 more passes and scored his first career receiving touchdown this season, before the season you could’ve gotten Etienne at a reasonable price, but there is no bargain shopping for him anymore.

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    3. Jahmyr Gibbs - Detroit Lions

    He’s too explosive not to take more touches away from David Montgomery. They have to get him the ball even more, he’s just way more effective with fewer touches. Gibbs has game-breaking speed, and if it’s him and a defender nine times out of 10 I’m taking Gibbs. He had 32 fewer carries than Bijan Robinson and only 31 fewer yards on the year.

    Gibbs is averaging over five yards a carry, and we have to acknowledge the Lions' efforts to set Gibbs up to succeed. In year one he’s hit the ground running. He’s involved in the passing game as well, and the Lions are really creative. Some may think this three-spot is high for Gibbs but this is just the faith in the leap I think he will take in the next year.

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    2. Bijan Robinson - Atlanta Falcons

    We haven’t seen a running back prospect with this much upside in some years. Robinson is already one of the most exciting players in the league, a walking touchdown anytime he touches the rock. He’s got the talent to carry the Falcons franchise on his back. Whoever they decide to hire as their next coach will need to make getting Robinson the ball a priority.

    This year should be the closest his timeshare is with Tyler Allgeier, another good young back in his own right, but Robinson is a special talent who could overtake Christian McCaffrey for the top spot in the next three years. Robinson scored four touchdowns on the ground and caught four more through the air, as the Falcons improve and rely on Robinson more the paydirt touches should increase.

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    1. Christian McCaffrey - San Francisco 49ers

    Christian McCaffrey may be the most versatile weapon in the league. It’s almost a disservice to label him as simply just a running back. This is a dude who can literally line up anywhere on the field, as long as he’s getting the ball, good things happen. The move to San Fran reignited a recently injury-riddled couple of seasons before leaving the Carolina Panthers.

    The 49ers are really creative in getting CMC the rock. This resulted in McCaffrey having the best rushing season of his career. He’s been durable through 272 carries, and he's rushed for a league-leading 1,459 yards and 14 touchdowns. He’s an absolute workhorse and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The ability to be as dangerous in the passing game as he is running the ball adds the ultimate value. If McCaffrey is on the board you take him.

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