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    The rumors are swirling around in regards to where Jalen Ramsey will end up this season. Here we talk about the best possible landing spots for the lockdown corner.

    Jalen Ramsey may very well be the best cornerback in the entire NFL. He is about 6'1 and 210 Lbs, with straight-line 4.41-second 40-yard dash speed. Ramsey is also incredibly explosive. He posted some of the top broad jump and vertical numbers the combine has seen at the corner position. The last four times Ramsey has shadowed DeAndre Hopkins, the NFL's arguably top receiver, Ramsey has held his own. Hopkins has posted games of four receptions for 80 yards and a touchdown on 13 targets, 12 receptions for 147 yards on 16 targets, three receptions for 51 yards and one touchdown on eight targets and five receptions for 40 yards on eight targets. Any team would love to add him, let's see where the top landing spots could be.

    Kansas City Chiefs

    The Chiefs are legitimate Super Bowl contenders this season, but they bolster one of the weakest cornerback groups of any contenders. They currently roll out first-year starter Charvarius Ward and journeyman Bashaud Breeland on the outside. In the slot, they roll out Kendall Fuller who is very good in his own right. On the outside, they could definitely use the upgrade.

    The Chiefs defense is still quite suspect and the offense is usually tasked with just outscoring their opponents. Ramsey instantly makes this defense better, locking down the number one receivers. Had the Chiefs had Ramsey in last year's AFC Championship game there may have been a different outcome. Brady threw for 348 yards on 30 completions for a 65% completion percentage. If the Chiefs were not the AFC favorite this year, this move may be able to put them over the top. The biggest obstacle is the price tag, but it is one the Chiefs should pay.

    Oakland Raiders

    Why the Raiders, I say why not. This is the land of dysfunction but has a coach that commands respect from the team. Coach Gruden seems to have a group that has bought into his system and he has the guys as every week contenders. Ramsey obviously does not mesh well with coach Doug Marrone, but Marrone does not seem to have the respect of the team. Gruden has a winning pedigree about him and vast knowledge of the game, and also will not take any crap from his players. This is a trait I think Ramsey will actually appreciate.

    The Raiders currently start Gareon Conley and Daryl Worley. Conley is a solid talent and seems to possess the tools to be very productive, especially as a number two corner. Worley is easily replaceable as he was benched last season at times anyway. Ramsey does not make the Raiders an instant contender, but he is a good fit for the team. Gruden would absolutely love to have somebody of his talent and I think as long as Ramsey is out from under Marrone's grip, his attitude will be perfectly fine.

    Philadelphia Eagles

    The Eagles have seemed a little vulnerable this season so far and their secondary just got lit up by the Falcons. Ronald Darby looks to be healthy again and is very good in his own right, but becomes a top-notch number two corner. Sidney Jones should move back to the slot and Ramsey could become the number one corner. Suddenly, this secondary does not look so leaky.

    The Eagles are also legitimate Super Bowl contenders but need to shore up the defense. Since last season, the corner position has been more or less a revolving door of starters as they have had trouble finding any success. Adding Ramsey helps them keep pace with the explosive Cowboys, and gives them a guy to shadow the number one receivers. Number one receivers versus the Eagles so far this season have been Terry McLauren who had five receptions for 125 yards and a touchdown and Julio Jones who went for five receptions for 106 yards and two touchdowns. The Eagles secondary needs Ramsey.

    Detroit Lions

    The Detroit Lions have been searching for a cornerback to play across from Darius Slay for a while now. Slay himself is a lockdown corner, what would happen if they added a second lockdown corner to the mix. The Lions defense has been surprisingly good this season and with Ramsey in the mix only makes it that much better. Ramsey could play all over the secondary wherever needed, whether it be safety or cornerback.

    To add to the fanatical fiesta, a Lions fan posted this on Twitter:

    One of those six likes just so happens to be Jalen Ramsey himself. Does this mean that Ramsey has complete interest in joining the Lions, by no means. It does, however, send fans into a frenzy. With that said Ramsey would be a great fit with the Lions defense and actually could turn them into a legitimate playoff contender.


    Wherever Jalen Ramsey ends up, he will make that team's defense that much better. Ramsey is an all-pro talent and is possibly the best cornerback in the business. Where I want Ramsey to go would be the Lions, mainly because of the fact I would love to see them finally get out of the basement of the NFC North and would have a legitimate shot. I do however think he goes to the Chiefs. The Chiefs have many of the necessary tools to contend for a Super Bowl as they barely missed making it last year. If they can strengthen their secondary, the Chiefs only need to worry about the Patriots. With how potent that offense is, and how good the defense could be, Ramsey makes them the definite favorite.

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