• Travis Etienne Out Indefinitely With A Mid-Foot Sprain

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    Travis Etienne exited the Jaguars preseason game Monday against the Saints with a mid-foot sprain.

    Travis Etienne was a first-round selection by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2021 NFL Draft. Unfortunately, we are going to have to wait to see what his role looks like in the regular season. @AdamSchefter reported that Etienne not only left the game, unable to return but was seen in a walking boot with a noticeable limp:

    Mid-foot sprains are tricky to peg down a timetable for return. Stephania Bell of ESPN, my favorite injury analyst, reported that to know the severity of the sprain, you need to deem the injury stable or unstable:

    Etienne was slated as a third-down back with a decent volume receiving role for the squad. It is tough not to look past coach speak though and think that he would have garnered a larger role. Etienne was the first selection made by the new coaching regime, a star in college, and a dual-threat running back so highly coveted by NFL teams today.

    His role was already slightly cloudy, due to last year's surprise star running back James Robinson. The Jaguars signed Carlos Hyde during the offseason. Coach Urban Meyer had claimed that Robinson and Hyde will be the one-two punch and Etienne was likely to be the third-down back.

    With Etienne missing important repetitions, his role becomes even cloudier. I will update the severity of his injury as soon as I hear more.


    We have an update, and it is not good news for Etienne. It seems like he has a Lisfranc tear that requires surgery.:

    This injury will end Eitenne's season before it even starts. He may be able to come back to end the season, though if the Jaguars were smart they would let him fully recover. Fire up Carlos Hyde as a flyer and James Robinson is now in for a very nice workload.

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