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Welcome to the rest of the season / deep dynasty profile for the Falcons linebacker Troy Andersen.

Inside Linebacker IDP Troy Andersen

According to his rookie profile. The Falcon’s Troy Andersen is an “Intriguing do-everything prospect. With unusual versatility, he could see reps in all three phases.” And has played all kinds of positions throughout his young pre-NFL career. And taking all that knowledge, he’s gathered and has put it to great use as an inside linebacker.

One that’s capable of reading and reacting based on what he’s learned from all the different positions schematics. Including playing iron man both ways, including running back and quarterback starting positions.

So looking back, it’s no wonder Atlanta took him late in the second round in the 2022 draft. But unlike when he played college ball in Montana, he’s a little too inexperienced at playing linebacker at the pro level. So he’s been relegated to a depth player for the most part so far this season. Playing around 28% of the snaps as of week 10.

With one start, when Atlanta favorite Mykal Walker was out with a groin injury. And for now, that’s likely all we’ll see for the rest of the 2022 season. Other than maybe a little uptick toward the end of the schedule. When the Falcons might decide, they would like to see more of Anderson if they are closing out a losing season.

Dynasty Profile

Turning to his dynasty profile. It’s assumed by draft stock and his profile he’ll be part of the big picture soon enough. And despite his mediocre film review, we agree. Troy Andersen has a ton of upside. Because we believe in the cumulation of all the knowledge, he’s gathered by playing all those different positions in college.

And his skillset included. When it works in his favor, it will translate into a smarter inside NFL linebacker. He can read and react on cue by simply diagnosing the plays during the games from an offensive perspective.

The only big question? Can the Falcons afford to let this year’s starter run-stopping ILB Rahsaan Evans go? He’s a free agent in 2023. But brought in and was kind of a special signing by defensive coordinator Dean Pees. Because of familiarity with the defensive scheme from their time with the Titans. And has been far from the problem about why the Falcon’s defense is currently struggling. So our hot take.

Troy Anderson has a great future with the team. He just needs more time to develop while the team builds a worthy enough defense around him. And they decide whether or not we’re right. And whether Troy Anderson is or isn’t the future “defensive quarterback” for this Atlanta Falcons defense.

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