Week 1 Fantasy Football Sleepers

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NFL sleepers can be anyone outside the top 12 in their position. Who are the Week 1 Fantasy Football sleepers?

NFL sleepers are very rewarding when they're in your lineup and win the matchup. It's the week before the greatest sport in history begins its season. The NFL is set to kick off Thursday with the Buffalo Bills vs. the Los Angeles Rams. Everyone wants the big, sexy names that are certain to be a lock and give their manager their projected points and some. Here are some Week 1 fantasy football sleepers!

With me, sleepers are what separates you from league-mates. These sleepers can end up being week winners on a weekly basis and even league winners. With fantasy, everyone is always wrong, so there is no better way than risking it for the biscuit in a game we play where nothing is certain but the anxiety we all get hoping our players perform up to par.

These sleepers will be based on the IDPguys.org weekly rankings. A player is considered a sleeper if they are outside the top 12 in their positions. These are players that will turn heads and have guys spending a nice amount of the FAAB on the fear of missing out.

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