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    When Will San Francisco 49ers Fans Get To Place Bets On Their Team?

    With things slowly improving on the COVID-19 front that means things will slowly start getting back to normal. Legalized online betting is one opportunity for states to help balance the revenue loss over the last year. As more and more sports come back from feeling the impact of the last years struggle those states who have legalized gambling, both in person and online, should see an increase in gambling traffic. I’m expecting that to be true as we approach the NFL Draft and the 2021 regular season. Here is a map showing which states allow online betting. Also, a map showing which states have an NFL team.


    As you can see not every state with an NFL team is legalized yet. The current break down is 22 states already offering legal sports betting, 5 states are pending, and 23 states are on hold. For those states who are pending, that means, “These states have already passed laws to legalize sports betting, but regulators are still in the process of approving operators or setting up final rules for the legal market.” Per Sports Betting Dime. For those states that are on hold that means those states have yet to start the process or have just started the process to become legalized.

    When Will California Become Legalized?

    Are you a 49ers fan and wish you could place a bet on your team while also watching them on Sunday’s? Here is where your state stands in the legalization process. While your state has considered legalization there is still a ways to go as explained by Sports Betting Dime. “California has entertained multiple bills to legalize online sports betting over the years, but as-to-date none have been successful. This is largely due to the fact that all gambling legislation in the state requires a 2/3 super-majority for adoption.” So as of now we don’t have a clear answer as to when it will become legalized in California, but it sounds like your state will continue to be aggressive in trying to legalize it sooner rather than later.

    According to Google, the current population in California is 39,984,261 and the population in San Francisco is 3,313,000 which is down 0.03% from 2020. While people are leaving for various reasons, one way to keep and attract more people is to legalize gambling. The sooner this can get done the better it will be for the state in more ways than one. If you’re a 49ers fan you know that you’ve only had 1 winning season in the last six NFL season. So as of now the only thing 49ers fans can cheer for is for a much improved NFL season in 2021. Here is what is saying about their projected 2021 season.

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