• 2024 Fantasy Football: The Top 30 Free Agents

    Dive deep into the 2024 Fantasy Football season with our expert analysis on IDP and Offensive Free Agents! This video breaks down potential landing spots for Kirk Cousins, Josh Allen's defensive prowess, and T Higgins' fantasy outlook. Whether you're strategizing for your IDP league or looking to gain an edge in traditional fantasy formats, our insights on player movements, contract nuances, and team dynamics will help you draft a championship-winning team. Don't miss out on our predictions and tips to navigate the off-season's biggest changes.

    Time Stamps
    Into: 00:00
    Top 5: 01:30
    Trophy Smack Ad: 18:47
    5-10: 20:57
    11-15: 33:23
    16-20: 43:10
    21-25: 57:30
    26-30: 1:05:55

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