• 2024 NFL Mock Draft – Top 10

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    Now that the Chicago Bears are on the clock, let's get to our first 2024 NFL mock draft! What could the top 10 picks look like in April?

    With the regular season and the college football season finally ending, 18 franchises now set their sights on the upcoming NFL draft in Detroit, Michigan. This article is the IDP+'s first 2024 NFL mock draft, focussing on what the top 10 picks could look like come April. A lot can and will change from now until the draft, but the speculation is exciting for those fans with these potentially franchise-altering picks! Let's get to the top 10 of this 2024 mock draft!

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    1. Chicago Bears (via Carolina Panthers) - Caleb Williams (QB, USC)

    Were you expecting anyone else here at one overall? The Chicago Bears have a big decision to make at the Quarterback position this off-season. Is Justin Fields the long-term answer? From all accounts, Caleb Williams has the potential to be a once-in-a-lifetime sort of player, and I think that the Bears have to see that through.

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    2. Washington Commanders - Drake Maye (QB, North Carolina)

    The Commanders are sitting pretty in the second spot, as they will be able to draft one of the consensus top-2 Quarterbacks in the draft. While there were sparks of life early in the season, Sam Howell has proven that he is not the long-term answer for the Commanders. The Commanders will be thrilled with the "consolation prize" that is Maye.

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    3. New England Patriots - Joe Alt (OT, Notre Dame)

    This is where things get interesting. What will new head coach Jerod Mayo do with the third overall pick? The Patriots have glaring holes all over the offense, so a QB, WR, or offensive linemen make sense. With some high-profile WRs available in free agency and questions about the next QBs in the draft, I see the Patriots going with the "safe" pick and bolstering their offensive line. Alt just feels like a Patriots pick.

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    4. Arizona Cardinals - Marvin Harrison Jr. (WR, Ohio State)

    The Cardinals have more than hinted that they are riding with Kyler Murray at Quarterback for the foreseeable future. And after how the team played after he came back from injury this year, can you blame them? Marvin Harrison Jr is one of the best WR prospects to come into the NFL in recent memory, so the Cardinals will sprint to the podium to make this pick if he's still available. The Murray/Harrison pair will be fun to see!

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    5. Los Angeles Chargers - Olumuyiwa Fashanu (OT, Penn State)

    The Chargers are another team that can go any which way in this draft. Justin Herbert is the future of this franchise, and the Chargers need to do everything in their power to protect him. Some analysts have Fashanu as the top-rated OT in the draft, so the Chargers will be drafting a pillar for their offensive line here. I could see them going WR or EDGE here but for now, let's go with the safer pick.

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    6. New York Giants - Jayden Daniels (QB, LSU)

    Wait, didn't the Giants just give Daniel Jones a bunch of money? Yep, they sure did! The NFL is a funny business, and QB is the most important position to get right. I see the Giants drafting Daniels, red-shirting him for a year or two, then letting him take the reigns once he is ready. Daniel Jones has proven he can be an average QB in the league, but will he take the Giants to the promised land? The Giants should hedge and draft Daniels.

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    7. Tennessee Titans - Malik Nabers (WR, LSU)

    The Titans are in a weird spot going into 2024. With no first-round talent remaining at the QB position, the Titans will surely try to add another playmaker for whomever they roll out next season. Nabers fits that bill in spades. With this pick, the Titans will boast one of the more intriguing WR rooms in the league. They could go defense here, but I think Nabers is too enticing to pass up at the 7 spot.

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    8. Atlanta Falcons - Dallas Turner (EDGE, Alabama)

    Finally, a defensive player has been picked! The Falcons have spent a lot of recent draft capital on offense, and one can argue they are a QB away from being an offensive juggernaut. The defense could use some juice, and with Turner being the highest-rated defender in the draft, this pick makes a ton of sense. Who says no?

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    9. Chicago Bears - Rome Odunze (WR, Washington)

    The Bears already (in this mock draft, at least) have their QB of the future in Caleb Williams, and they still have D.J. Moore under contract for a couple more years. Can you imagine having Williams, Moore, and Odunze solidified for the foreseeable future? I think the Bears would love to have their skill positions bolstered and stable with fun, young talent.

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    10. New York Jets - JC Latham (OT, Alabama)

    Rounding out our 2024 NFL mock draft top-10 are the Jets! While underwhelming in 2023, the Jets will retain all the key pieces that made them exciting this year for next. Getting Aaron Rodgers back, the Jets need to do something about their atrocious offensive line. Insert Latham and the Jets will be on the right track!

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