• Aidan Hutchinson – IDP Recap And Deep Dynasty Profile

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    Welcome to the deep dynasty profile for Detroit Lions defensive lineman Aiden Hutchinson.

    2022 Regular Season Recap

    As of Week 15, the Lions' Aidan Hutchinson has lived up to his pre-draft expectations like a champ. He is currently number one among the rookie defensive lineman in fantasy production in most formats. Hutchinson has also been a solid play when the matchups are right among the veterans.

    This makes Hutchinson a top-15 impact among all edge-rushers. It also pins a pretty solid DL2 tag to his rookie reason in most IDP formats.

    We know the talent is here, and we give him a pass on knowing every rookie has a learning curve. A pass on what, you might ask? Well, don't get too worked up, because this hot take is on those four or five games he flopped in this season.

    At least one was a very favorable matchup, and for the others, he was not able to overachieve enough to matter. So if he has anything to improve on going forward, we hope it includes the consistency we need to target him as a top NFL DL1 in the future.

    Deep Dynasty Profile

    Now to lay out this perfect deep dynasty scenario for IDP managers and Lions fans alike. Because Aidan Hutchinson checks off all the boxes, aside from his draft stock, film review, and high-end motor that stacks the box score besides backfield-related stats. If you ask me, it's the consistency of total tackles that Hitchinson has as a defensive end.

    Something that's needed by all the top edge rushers, like T.J. Watt and Myles Garrett, is to pad the edge scores with combined tackles to support the idea we never take a hit. And we'll always have that higher ceiling off the edge.

    So this Tipster's hot take-deep dynasty profile is that Aiden Hutchison will keep on developing because he has shown great talent. Once he gets his skillset tweaked, there's no reason, within the next year or two, he can't be a top-five edge option and a strong DL1 target every time.

    Why we are laying it out now, by positional value and scarcity, and what has he displayed during his rookie season? Aiden Hutchinson is the hottest second-year IDP to manage heading into the NFL's 2023 offseason

    Thank you for checking out Detroit Lions Aiden Hutchinson's deep dynasty profile. Like to see a similar NFL player like Aiden Hutchinson? Then check out the recent feature on Drake Jackson's deep dynasty profile. Catch more of my Tipster fantasy football and NFL IDP content on Twitter at @TheIDPTipster. And always keep looking for my latest here at IDPGuys.org.

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